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  1. It seems like the VR renaming bug also doesn't allow you to create a profile to start the game. It's probably every textbox that's broken. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/54162-unable-to-create-profile-to-start-vr-game/
  2. Issue: Softlock when renaming setups in VR Method of Reproduction: 1. Any time I try to rename a setup from the load or save setup menu while using a WindowsVR headset (not sure if it happens with other VR headsets). 2. The keyboard will not be able to type. Instead, it will rotate the camera when pressing certain keys. From my testing, there is no way to cancel this, so you have to alt+f4 out of the game. 3. It occurs no matter what controller config I use: Even with just keyboard, no wheel or controller, it still happens. Platform: PC PC Build: Am
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