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  1. I'm reporting the ad to SEIA...it's incredibly misleading.
  2. The AI cars are horrible. Literally half speed in corners and random brake checks on long straights -- even the long Baku straight!
  3. I just ran a sprint duel at Spa and the opponent drove right through me on the straight after eau rouge. He bumped through the turn twice, then went behind me and sped right through. Please fix this CM! The collision detection enables after the car has already bumped me, making it useless.
  4. I work in solar and have seen this ad...it's also extremely bad practice / unethical / misleading in our industry to advertise "free solar." Solar isn't free, ever.
  5. Agreed - my sarcasm wasn't directed at you. It was directed at the moderators who supposedly respond to player concerns. I haven't made it to COTA, but lived in Budapest for a while and got to go to Hungaroring a couple times! So cool, but I want to see the speed at COTA someday.
  6. I assume this is in response to my post? I totally get what you're saying, and I know my stance could be futile. But I also think that the game's problems won't be addressed without some sort of extreme measure. The thing that bothers me the most is their complete silence. I would rather CM say "**** you" than not say anything. Their silence sends a loud message that they literally do not care, so any sort of attempt to hurt revenue would be the way to get them to address the problem. I know it's just a game, but I live in the USA where F1 is on at silly times in the night and the ga
  7. There needs to be some sort of mobilization / group effort to force Codemasters to improve the joke that is duel mode. As in reporting them to Apple/Google, reviewing the app in the App Stores, calling them out via social media, etc. Companies like CM only make changes when the money starts to change. If you get enough people to stand up and create a PR situation, they start to lose money. Only then will they improve the game.
  8. I wish Codemasters would just own up and admit the problem. Their silence is the worst part about all of this. Someone in here mentioned the ability to report drivers. How do I do that?
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