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  1. You may ask "Why the hell have you played so much if you don't like it?"... that's the problem. When the game works I love it. But, now that I've had to delete my 3rd attempt at career mode. (The game just crashes when I try to load it) I'm just about done. This is really excellent proof as to why companies like Liberty media with the F1 license should never sell exclusive rights. If other companies were making competing titles this lazy ass approach to design, basically making the same game every year, would go away in a hurry. We see it with Madden, NHL, FIFA, and F1. Lack of competition breeds, well, laziness. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm just a simple software engineer, so probably have no clue what it take... oh wai. Yeah, I f*/*/*ng do, and I'm really worn out with this ****. Laser scan the tracks. Why are you so lazy? You know why the multiplayer/my team car only has one nose design. Because codies are lazy. Why take the time to give you that option when they can be busy designing liveries and helmets to sell you? Why actually improve on career mode, or at least make it work, when they can make some cut scenes and an unbelievable story and call it a 'Feature'? Why can't I skip Buxtons dumbass intro? IF you're going to leave Career mode so broken that I constantly have to restart then it would at least be nice to skip that BS. Also, Want another example of lazy design? Why is there a 'Car Reveal' in Driver career mode? The liveries never change? Because they're too lazy to code it out of player mode when it's in the Myteam mode. That's why. Lazy. Lazy. Lazy... Like I said. The same game every year with what would be maybe a $25 DLC in annual updates. But I love F1 so I keep buying it like a sucker. I guess I'm just mad at myself at this point. 

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