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  1. Hopefully CM make it, it has to be a Standard for all F1 Games. There´s more of that missing, a shame. In All, Finishing a Good Race today feels like "well that´s it, so skip fast to the next", No Anthems no Tifosi no Press no Passion.
  2. The next series in Podium-Pass shop is out with new stuff. For me, the new designs looks terrible and where are the specials like classic clothes and liveries we wanted? And the level is reset to Zero, AGAIN. What the hell you doing CM, is it so difficult to order all levels in a row, no why spend to many time in that, it´s easier to overwrite a older Series with the new one. No big deal to let all series in there, S1 Level 0-30, S2 L31-60, S3 L61-90, S4 L91-120 and and and I think it´s better to cancel this from F1, also this money making coins-system. No need for Premium-Pass everm
  3. It's been a problem at the core of the game for years. CM integrates features or removes them or "adjusts them", but only listens indirectly to the community. It shouldn't be a problem to adapt and expand the weather system better. Install a slider system where everyone can adjust how high the probability of rain is during the season. And also a slider for the percentage of rain probability on the race weekend, from 1% to 100%. However you like it. Weather settings have been around since the 1990s Ubisoft's F1RS, well okay, dry / cloudy / rain or random and there were only a few rain rac
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