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  1. Hopefully CM make it, it has to be a Standard for all F1 Games. There´s more of that missing, a shame. In All, Finishing a Good Race today feels like "well that´s it, so skip fast to the next", No Anthems no Tifosi no Press no Passion.
  2. The next series in Podium-Pass shop is out with new stuff. For me, the new designs looks terrible and where are the specials like classic clothes and liveries we wanted? And the level is reset to Zero, AGAIN. What the hell you doing CM, is it so difficult to order all levels in a row, no why spend to many time in that, it´s easier to overwrite a older Series with the new one. No big deal to let all series in there, S1 Level 0-30, S2 L31-60, S3 L61-90, S4 L91-120 and and and I think it´s better to cancel this from F1, also this money making coins-system. No need for Premium-Pass everm
  3. Older Post calls for a showroom that a player can customize in context with create a Team logo. The empty standard showroom is so boring, someone didn´t spend much time on it. Okay, first create a Logo is easy and so subtle, who programm this? The Sign are simple and we can unlocked more of this "not so good locking" stuff in the shop. C´mon, one letter or pic for us? why we can´t build a complete name with this, missing a creator AGAIN. (to create your own style own Sign) Where are classic Signs like BMW, Modena, Leyton House or Minardi etc., and why i can´t change the size and position
  4. Would be nice. Hopefully see this Tracks with the next update or later, but I wouldn´t count on it. Not 100% really confirmed older Post about that, CM try it to add new Tracks, but it´s difficult to bring it to virtual. Costs for producing and licensing. CM made a good work add tracks in every game (when they are new), or like in F1 2013 the old tracks. The point i didn´t believe somethings added, especially this years 2020 race tracks, CM doesn´t seem interessted. Well, we will see.
  5. Well well, over month using the same standard car design, even in MyTeam mode there is no new look from season to season. Why not, in real F1 a Team research and build a new car design with more or less changes every new season. But CM´s new top F1-Title doesn´t have that. We have 10 opponent Teams to copy the parts from front, cockpit, chassis and rear, so build up a window where players can select different types of parts they want to create their own look of a car. An idea to this, in career became this parts little positive or negative bonuses, deppending on research. Standard beginne
  6. I like the option to dress up my driver with different overall, helmet, gloves, stance, winning-pose. BUT, til today your not changed this little thing, unlock all locked suit-shemes to change their colours. The most of them looks quite similar, either old or new, bring in more flexible style also for Gloves. Well okay, that´s an idea, nothing high priority. More Focus on Team Colour, we see in this windows only our drivers and the car and the three stripes for our team colour. the car and drivers are completely nonetheless in this window. show us the three stripes and how our box team su
  7. Never seen new Faces for Male faces or more female faces (girlfriends wishes that). Many Players wanted more Name sounds to select. When we select the Nation were we come from, Why there isn´t yet where we can select the Anthem for our Nation. Never understand why this isn´t inlcuded in a lone "high rank" F1 game for this decade, btw also missing that Fanfare both Driver and Team in the winning ceremony. it´s part off all that real feel, without a win feels like, "oh i have won, meeh seems nothing special, gimme that price i have to go". Also, when not giving players the option to create own f
  8. For years impossible, btw. The Problem CM sit on their pre-game sucess and not really evolve their game basis core. The community, all the players shout for an more realistic F1 so many years, but what most counts is the Money CM get every year. Sure, why change the melody when people nonetheless spend money to hear the same every year. For years no opponent or 2nd developer for F1 games, no fear to get beaten up by others.
  9. A lot of Good Points. Hopefully we see the most of them in a new Update and Dlc for F1 2020 (but not really believe in that) or in the next year sequel. Shameful, CM notice such imense post not really, they fixed in 1 or 2 small things from that in next update but nothing amazing. After month and the Pre-Hype, it feels more like a Promo 70days F1, not really a 70 years Edtion. Oh it´s good, without question, but So much is missing in that Game. would CM ever see the potential? or stay seated on their pre-game sucess. BTW, great post.
  10. Yep. slow puncture especially when a wing touches a tire or riding to hard on. Floor Damage when riding to hard over curbs, ride on the green or overuse the track limit. Unfortunately, the game exists in such a way that you can use the extreme width of a track to a certain extent, since some physics of the tracks does not really correspond to the real life. Look at vids on a similar track, compare a lap & driving line from an F1 driver with a f1 pro-gamer. Really, when you use the driving-line in a real race like Players do in F1 Game, you wrecked up your car, slips sometimes of the t
  11. Back in the Days of Microprose GP series or Ubisoft F1RS or old Fashioned F1 Managers, there was Editors created/included to adjust Driver/Team Skills. Okay, sure, it would looks nice to create a Driver for your SP Team and bring them up to high Class. But that´s another Story. Btw, that needs a better Skill System like previous F1 2020. Acceptable, but for me not really impressive. Why not a Performance Customization for F1? Not so complex, just a few sliders more twice the 0%-110% strenght, where Player can adjust the Game for their what they want. A Slider option for Driver r
  12. Back in the Days of Microprose GP series or Ubisoft F1RS, where this can happend with full damage setting. Also Noses Fly away or the chassis split up like (on 2 wheels down the road without a motor) After Years in Codemasters F1, Rear damage doesn´t exist. Why? Set ingame Damage to Realism, the Rear Wing stays on Top, impressive! Also the Unbalanced Damage Model between Player Cars (just a simply Airblow Rips my wing) vs KI Cars (This is all you got. C´mon, hit me harder). And Grand Prix added in his Prime a option where you can choose which failures appears like los
  13. Sorry, had no pic for that but let me explain. Melbourne Race. Passing turn 11/12, outcome 12 it´s slippery all know. my fault for spinning right after touches the curbes. Go right down to the wall but can luckyones just catch my car with also breaking carefully and slips to the left and stands horizontal blocking the right side of the track. Must wait for the Cars behind passing me to turn safely. CPU says no, maybe i stand to long, i think e few seconds, and than boom. KI crashed in me, dead point in real life, i became a penalty for blocking the road and chrashed into someone
  14. Nice Feature to use own Liveries for Practice. Can CM include the option where Players can also select to start out of the Garage like Race-Weekends Outlaps, not only start Flying Round? For better warmup the car for Testrounds with real in/out lap testing. Want to use the full HUD Overview and Command Board controlling in Practice like the Race Weekend. Fully random Weather option in the Practice Garage section, for real test weather changed conditions. Timer begann when you enter Practice and like RaceWeekend you can seen weather forecast in the Pit Info. Also, when
  15. Back after Month, what my Eyes see first. New PP Content, Series 3 nice. BUT; i passed Series 2, been set down to Level 1 and my Premium Pass lies dead in the Backyard? C´mon this is hilarious stupid. I spend a few hours ago for fast as easy to pick all 30 Levels at the Beginning. The much of Exp. for Challenges after that stayed useless by the way and I think back that days. This System is quiet not the best and gets lame without new stuff. SO, when you offers new Series, why you continuted that with Level 31 to up higher? Who came to this Big Idea; Well lets put in some new St
  16. It's been a problem at the core of the game for years. CM integrates features or removes them or "adjusts them", but only listens indirectly to the community. It shouldn't be a problem to adapt and expand the weather system better. Install a slider system where everyone can adjust how high the probability of rain is during the season. And also a slider for the percentage of rain probability on the race weekend, from 1% to 100%. However you like it. Weather settings have been around since the 1990s Ubisoft's F1RS, well okay, dry / cloudy / rain or random and there were only a few rain rac
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