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  1. Davi Javarini

    Fisheye camera

    The issue would be the settings of the T-cam cameras. We would struggle to change them for a better matching even with a fisheye cam, because I believe if you find a realistic camera settings for each car, I don't think they will be realistic because most of them lack the fisheye effect.
  2. Davi Javarini

    HUD suggestion

    Hello, did you forget the "LiCeNsInG rEaSoNs"? I don't think this will ever gonna happen.
  3. Davi Javarini

    Private Training (Free Practice with no AI)

    This is also another reason why we need Private Training. Period.
  4. Davi Javarini

    F1 2021 what to make different

    You know what could be missing in the damage model? REAR WING DAMAGE. If it's part of their license that they can't implement rear wing damage to the cars, we wouldn't be having front wing damage either. Or at least implement rear wing damage only to classic cars, they don't have DRS so I guess it wouldn't be so brutal to try it.
  5. Davi Javarini

    Private Training (Free Practice with no AI)

    I can do that but the issue would be for a limited time session depending on what I choose. I'm saying this because what I want is an infinite session time, something we wouldn't ever be doing online.
  6. We may have Time Trial in case of running without AI but you can't change other options whilst driving. If we have a Private Training mode like Project CARS 2, I would be grateful.
  7. When I get a DNF for whatever reason, I wish I could spectate the race watching other drivers, just like the multiplayer, but in solo gameplays. For instance, I have engine problems, I retire, and later on to have the cutscene of the driver getting out of the car. But instead of going to the end of the race, how about spectating other drivers? Really hoping for this to come in the next patch of the game.
  8. Davi Javarini

    Steering wheel dashboard suggestions

    Whilst F1 games are going realistic every release, there is still a big amount of things that remains unreal. Yes, I'm talking about the steering wheel's dashboards for each car, which are still the "MFD" we all know. Every F1 2020 car has the same display, which is not realistic! It would be perfect to each car have their real dashes, not all of them with MFD. The MFD functions exist but I don't think the MFD itself exists in real life. If F1 games were made to be the most realistic possible, so why bother creating dashboards that doesn't even exist? It makes the cars very awkward in terms of immersion, either. Even though this remains unaltered (possibly forever), I know some real dashes of the cars, like Racing Point, AlphaTauri, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault.
  9. Davi Javarini

    More info on steering wheel display

    And talking about wheel display, it is so silly the fact that every car has the same display designs. Each of them MUST be the same as the real life and period. It's also better not bother talking about licensing, because if it was like that, realism would be null every time. Even though this might be possible, I recreated a lot of F1 dashboards in SIM Dashboard, and most of them are identical to real life, with no difference whatsoever. The 2017 Force India is an example.
  10. Davi Javarini

    Photo Mode Suggestions

    When F1 2019 was released with a Photo Mode more accessible and you can get far from the car anytime (same for F1 2020), what mostly impressed me is the music it plays. But it's not about the music I'm talking about. I'm talking about unnecessary limitations like blocking the camera to avoid going out of the track, which remains some essence of the game in some ways. However Codemasters should in turn remove invisible barriers from the track walls, which results into a big gain of freedom during Photo Mode. It is also useful for the player to explore the entire map without struggling to get off the track, which also gives some possibilities to find hidden easter eggs like the F1 2013's Game Cover hidden in the Spanish Grand Prix circuit in F1 2019, when off the track but inside. So, sure, it would give us freedom so we would no longer bother all the time trying to get outside the track. Even though this is a suggestion, there is a way to exploit this, but I'm not gonna explain it because of the forum rules.
  11. Davi Javarini

    Jeff never says if a driver has a penalty

    Good idea. Actually that'a mandatory, I guess.
  12. Davi Javarini

    Save/Export race results button

    Screenshot the game screen once you see a race result 😁
  13. Yes, drivers can get a penalty sometimes, but the most unrealistic part is the fact that Jeff doesn't give you information about somebody having a penalty. Example: "Some information about Albon; he has a 5-second penalty". I believe that last time we had this kind of information was F1 2014, if I'm not mistaken. Looking forward to see this getting back to 2020 for the next patch.
  14. Davi Javarini

    Customizable grids

    Last time we had a grid editor was F1 Championship Edition, I believe. I don't think this is an issue, since you can do that in an online multiplayer session.
  15. Davi Javarini

    Display suggested gear in cockpit view

    Suggested gear in the cockpit view removes every immersion you may feel. I don't think that's realistic, even if we had real life dashboards instead of a generic one for every single Modern F1 or F2 car, I don't think suggested gear would make things realisic either.