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  1. Davi Javarini

    improve the damage

    I've been wishing for this since the game was released, and seeing it still missing makes me feel uncomfortable. I even stopped playing the game for some time after that, but when F2 2020 came, I decided to go back play it. It is just painful to see the rear wing "invincible".
  2. Davi Javarini

    Some suggestions

    Your car damage suggestions is not even suggestions. They are MUSTS. Gonna agree with you.
  3. Davi Javarini

    Real dashboards ideas

    Those real dashboards are UDP telemetries and the way I inserted their pictures in-game was just an edit. You can find my designs at SIM Dashboard.
  4. Davi Javarini

    Real dashboards ideas

    It's not a mod. These pictures are edited, but despite that, you can find them at SIM Dashboard. It works for PS4 and Xbox One as well.
  5. Davi Javarini

    How to Improve F1 as a title going forward

    How to improve F1 games from going forward? Easy. That's why we have the suggestions.
  6. Davi Javarini

    Fanatec FOM wheel

    Did you say door? Oh wait.
  7. Davi Javarini

    Real dashboards ideas

    I have some ideas of real dashboards for each car and I wanted to know which more is realistic. I remade them using SIM Dashboard and the results were very good. Please note that the Ferrari dashboards are not remade by me, and I didn't even made them for SIM Dashboard. The Ferrari dashboards were remade by Esportsim. Also remember that I'm yet to remake Mclaren, Haas and Williams' dashboards. But by the way, how does it look like at the moment?
  8. Davi Javarini

    The game is so boringly coded!!

    This is why we would need a spectator mode after a DNF. Period. No more whining because of licenses and THAT'S MANDATORY.
  9. Now that Slightly Mad Studios is a Codemasters company, I've been thinking of one thing. How about taking their custom fictional logotypes to F1 2020 as a source of new sponsor pack for customization? I believe they have a lot of fictional sponsors, so adding them to F1 2020 would be good because you would have more sponsor options in the livery editor so it would make the liveries a little bit unique. Some examples of their fictional sponsors are: BERAN, Demonio Energy Drink, Hiramashi, ROTMEG, BRiTGENS, Rosso & Bianco - Men's Fashion, Ebblix Racing Spark Plug Wires, Avielldi Global Logistics, Petroblast, Jancon Mobile, Copter2 Motor Oil, Mudino Motor Oil, etc.
  10. Davi Javarini

    Fisheye camera

    The issue would be the settings of the T-cam cameras. We would struggle to change them for a better matching even with a fisheye cam, because I believe if you find a realistic camera settings for each car, I don't think they will be realistic because most of them lack the fisheye effect.
  11. Davi Javarini

    HUD suggestion

    Hello, did you forget the "LiCeNsInG rEaSoNs"? I don't think this will ever gonna happen.
  12. Davi Javarini

    Private Training (Free Practice with no AI)

    This is also another reason why we need Private Training. Period.
  13. Davi Javarini

    F1 2021 what to make different

    You know what could be missing in the damage model? REAR WING DAMAGE. If it's part of their license that they can't implement rear wing damage to the cars, we wouldn't be having front wing damage either. Or at least implement rear wing damage only to classic cars, they don't have DRS so I guess it wouldn't be so brutal to try it.
  14. Davi Javarini

    Private Training (Free Practice with no AI)

    I can do that but the issue would be for a limited time session depending on what I choose. I'm saying this because what I want is an infinite session time, something we wouldn't ever be doing online.
  15. We may have Time Trial in case of running without AI but you can't change other options whilst driving. If we have a Private Training mode like Project CARS 2, I would be grateful.