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  1. Sometimes racecars can resemble monsters, right? 😈
  2. Okay, so this one looks a little bit weird as a suggestion, but making more fictional logotypes for custom liveries allows our liveries to be more unique. I know it takes a while to make new fictional logotypes since you need at least an idea of what type of logotype you wanna make but still: Adding more fictional logotypes result in more unique liveries, rather than using an individual sponsor frequently.
  3. To be honest I can't see any difference on the graphics. The only thing I know is that F1 2021 has a slight less shadow effects below the car (auto-traced shadows doesn't count), which makes the feeling that the car is "hovering".
  4. Does it happen only at Spa or it also happens at other tracks?
  5. The fact that the car takes too long to turn does not seem to be a bug. Actually it's not, but this costs me vital on-track pace.
  6. My controller is an original Xbox One S controller. I've bought a Xbox One S 2 years ago and I never had problems with control wear. Actually I don't think this would ever happen. Second, I tried recalibrating like infinitely, but never found a way to get more responsiveness. Maybe your suggestions might help me. If it does, thank you.
  7. God All Mighty. This is basically the same response for suggestions that interfere with the game's licensed content. (I was going to say "it would be a response to every suggestion made by somebody", but I'd be realistic rather than being a little bit too harsh with what goes on here. 🤭)
  8. A Private Practice mode would be your answer to that. Time Trial is only for making hotlaps, so if you want to drive in a circuit with simulation settings, the recommended would be the implementation of a new game mode: The Private Practice.
  9. The cars just takes too long to turn with a controller, and the issues speaks absolutely for itself. If only if we had an ability to change maximum time to turn the car left or right with a controller. With fast responsiveness I'm pretty sure it would help us to find pace on track rather than being an absolute tractor struggling to get pace by simply making corners too late. It's like there was a colossal amount of input lag. Whatever it is the result, making the steering more responsive by simply minimizing the time of absolute turning would be appreciated if not useless. So in short wor
  10. You know what would be even more amazing? TV mode. Where we could only watch AI racing each other using spectator mode.
  11. This has been requested already back in the 2020 forums, and you guessed it: Still left them out there. First of all, Silverstone. There is a catwalk above the start/finish straight. It doesn't exist in real life. This has been added since F1 2020 and seeing it still there makes me to go absolutely berserk. Second: The ferris wheel seen in Silverstone actually exists, but it is placed at the wrong area. Third: Japan. These trees seen on the left side of the track does not exist in real life. Seriously, this area looks more like a jungle. Fourth: United States. There are also tr
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