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  1. First of all, are you playing at Time Trial mode? If yes, the RPM LED counter is like you said, unlike the Grand Prix modes.
  2. I just realized that. Would be nice for the team to realize that as well 😶
  3. Have you tried to at least change the surface type from Realistic to Simple? Although this may not be the issue I recommend you to do so.
  4. First of all, is the game recognizing the wheel as a controller? If yes, this should be the issue. Most of the low-end steering wheels are defined as controllers, which means your wheel will never be calibrated correctly in-game. If the game recognizes the wheel as a real steering wheel, then try to at least be more specific during calibration.
  5. For some reason the Ferrari's steering wheel looks very, very terrible when I'm driving their car with onboard cameras. In the Cockpit view the wheel is fixed, but this only applies to the player, since watching an AI in a replay this problem applies to the cockpit camera as well. Here's a screenshot of the problem. You will notice the low-polygons on the wheel.
  6. I don't think this would be an issue, to be honest.
  7. I've been at the Interlagos track twice in my life (2018 and 2019), and I noticed the changes. This is also another evidence why these tracks (in the game) are outdated.
  8. Yeah, but as long as this female engineer doesn't be like Jeff. Like, explaining MFD, and so on.
  9. For those who plays F1 2021 with a controller, you probably did something you shouldn't be doing: Accidental gearshifts. For instance, I'm playing with a Xbox One S controller having the A button to upshift. Sometimes I shift twice in only one button press. This is not a glitch in the game, since the controller is the responsible for the double-pressings. Example: I'm in 4th Gear, pressed A to upshift ONCE, but then I go to 6th gear. By adjusting the minimum shifting time, this is perfect to avoid accidental gearshifting, but depending on the value, you cannot change gears only
  10. Although the Nintendo Switch is from the same generation as the PS4 and Xbox One, I don't think F1 2021 would be running flawlessly, to be honest. I don't know how limited is a Switch game, but by being a "portable" console, wouldn't it be too limited to run F1 2021?
  11. You know what, I'm already used to this. If that's the case, then it would be great watching these dashes with a more conventional letter font, such as Arial, because steering wheel displays with the F1 letter fonts are thwarting.
  12. For me, the rear wing damage WE see is not enough for me. Nowadays I've been hearing a lot of excuses about this situation, and to be perfectly honest, it kills me. It takes blood from me. This is disgusting.
  13. I would love to see your wish to happen ONLY if Jeff is gone for good. Having an engineer that has the ability to separate the player from a realistic F1 experience is not only unacceptable, but also overused. If we get a new and a much accurate race engineer, your wish should be granted with no limitations, as long it does not slay immersion (explaining MFD in the radio, for instance).
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