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  1. Alonso and Magnusse at Mclaren next year. Bianchi or Hulkenberg to Ferrari. I cant see Button retiring just yet though.
  2. Chelsea make a fair amount, I wouldn't like to speculate how much. How much have they spent this summer? Less than what came in from sales, I believe. £80 million on Diego Costa, Fabregas and Felipe Luis. In all honesty I'm a little embarrased how the big clubs chuck so much money around compared to those in the lower leqgues, but its supply and demand. Howver we have done riducolusly well in this transfer window. I was thinking yesterday the difference between us and United and how we've actually adressed our biggest issues, striker, creative centre mid, a new keeper who's more consist
  3. Alonso £5 million and Cleverly £8 million is all the proof you'll ever need that English players are over priced. And I'm the only one here unbeaten in the head to head fantasy league.
  4. One of my housemates found a huntsman spider in our living room :/ fml Or at least looks just like one. 
  5. Madrid and Barca don't get it through oil money but whenever they spend big it's seen as disgusting. So why not with United? You're in mountains of debt and the money you get from selling shirts is made from making kids sow the shirts in Vietnamese workshops for no pay. Besides you've grossly overpaid for Shaw, Fellaini, Herrera and Di Maria. The only big deal that represents any value is Mata. It's as bad as Madrid tbh.
  6. £200 million spent in the last 12 months. And it's Chelsea and City ruinig football.
  7. I read the money would come from the private rather than public sector. Still, cant see it happening though just like New Jersey
  8. Haha they're so s**** even with Di Maria. Love it!
  9. Because Hamilton has yet again put him in a position where Rosberg either decides to crash or get out of the way. The point Rosberg was trying to make in Spa was that people shouldn't get out of your way just because you're Lewis Hamilton. He's put him in a position where he has to decide whether to have a crash by taking his racing line because he was clearly ahead?  And how would they be getting out of the way for Hamilton when he was already ahead? It's a long race and Rosbergs responsibilty to back out and avoid a crash. Lewis shouldn't have to back out because Nico's front wing i
  10. Someone like Blind would be good for them as he can play CDM, CB and LWB. I honestoy have no idea how Johnny Evans is still at United. He's knicking a living tbh.
  11. I didnt rate him until about last year. He's a great player but worth no where near £70 million, 40 at most and hes made to look a lot better because of Ronaldo. I like him as a player but want United and their flops to fail big time. Reckon it'll be like Ozil, he'll give them a lift for a few months qnd then it'll all go a bit iffy when he gets fed up of having to run onto ballooned and skewed passes from the midfield maestro's of Tom Cleverly, Fellaini and Fletcher.  They needed a CB and CM far more obvioisly tbh. The next week could be mental though. Arsenal need a striker, United 2/3
  12. No he really doesnt anymore. You living in 2011 bro? Notehow he moved across to block Kobayashi at the same corner in 2011, yet yesterday he left plenty of room for both Vettel and Rosberg. Vettel backed out, Nico really should have conceded it and got him next time round with DRS. 
  13. I meant they've both used underhand tacticx to gain a significant advantage, by no means are they the only ones to have done it though. 
  14. I dont know if Hamilton meant to say that Rosberg crashed into him on purpose, hes not the immature social media retard he was in 2011 with the telemetry shizzle, but perhaps he didnt interpret the "I was trying to prove a point" line from Rosbergin the way it was meant, he probably meant that he wanted to prove a point by ctually passing him on track and not being Hamilton's wheel to wheel bitch anymore, but got overzeolous and messed up. But I bet he wasnt gutted when he saw Hamilton's flat left rear.  And tbh I dont really believe either of them when they say things such as "its dissap
  15. Hamilton was a good three quarters of a car length ahead. Nico could have backed out or taken to the escape route and lost at most a second-two seconds which is nothing two laps into a 44 lap race round a 5 mile circuit. I know I'm a Hamilton fan but I genuienly think Rosberg gets more than his fair share of luck when it comes to penalties and warnings because of his good boy image. It doesnt annoy me as much as when it was Vettel always winning because for the most part I like/d Rosberg, even though I'd rather Hamilton win the WDC, but Nico's had a lot of luck this year. I'd love to hea from
  16. I hate it when people say things like that. The size of the fan base doesn't mean jack shite. We only averaged a crowd of  around 6000 when we got into the Championship as our town is small. How good a football teams is doesn't depend on the amount of fans, it's about how well the club is run and how good the players/staff are... I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the staff, but it reflects badly when a club can't even attract enough fans they have to have a neutral area, which is full of away fans anyway. Their based in pretty nice part of London too. 
  17. Tbh, any team that has as few fans as Fulham that they have to have a neutral end doesnt really deserve to be in the Premier League.
  18. Even they're B-sides are f***ing brilliant m.youtube.com/watch?v=A9DZl8_IqnI
  19. Got my first day waitering at Chelsea tomorrow. Really nervous considering I have carry drinks around all day and I hate doing that unless I'm drinking them.
  20. Tbh, in Europe we've easily been the best English team for the last decade, usually getting to the quarters at least usually further. Only two years we haven't and won of them we won the Europa League. Of course we aren't bigger than United, Liverpool but we're now on par with Arsenal.  I'd go as far as to say that we're the only English club Barca, Real and Bayern wouldnt want to play in a quarter/semi final/final.
  21. One degree away from being a better story to tell later. 
  22. Yeah, I was using iPhone dimensions with pretty much every single one but may redo some for tablets. On my tablet (Tab 3) it'll zoom in a lot if I want to use it as a wallpaper and if I scroll across it's just black on each side which is annoying tbh. 
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