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  1. I don't know who the bigger jokes are. Spurs or Arsenal.
  2. Spent all night trying to chat up this girl at a house party last night, was going pretty well. Only my mate didn't bother telling me she had a boyfriend on the American football team :l
  3. Worst thing about the deal is we'll only see the big games on TV such as the final. No group games or knockout matches on itv. Perhaps only a matter of time before the same happens to the World Cup and Euro's.
  4. They didn't beat us comfortably if you actually watched the game. They had the better start but one chance after we scored in the first half, and Hazard hit the post with a scuffed volley. Second half was even for most of it and Lavezzi played really well. Torres was w*** as usual and Cech needs to be replaced by Courtois as he can't command the area well enough any more. Love him to bits, pulls off at least one properly world class save a year and still a good shot stopper but too many times we've conceded sloppy goals because he's been complacent and thought an effort wouldn't go in so l
  5. Such a brilliant show. Best comedy on TV atm imo. "Terry loves yoghurt"
  6. Just saw that Biffy were announced for that today. Wish they'd do some shows nearer to where I live, they actually play IOW on my birthday but cant get tickets for it. Should be good to see both them and Queens.
  7. Biffy Clyro, some of there older stuff pre-Revolutions is absolutely awesome. Also saw QOTSA at Wembley Arena in November and tbf they are brilliant. Like Clockwork is an awesome album.
  8. I'm looking at possibly getting a next gen console next year, do you think BF3 would be available on Gaiki when it launches, as I still love that game so much. Played BF4 on a mates XBox One yesterday, never realised what a cluster**** 64 player servers are. Even on a map like Nanscha Strike from Naval Assault, big open air map, is a complete mess. 
  9. I know laptops aren't generally great for gaming but does anyone know how much I'd be set back going for a laptop that would run BF4/3 and or DayZ decently. My current laptop is getting to the end of it's life pretty much and I need one with a much much better GPU to run Photoshop, Premiere, Maya etc for my Uni course. Was thinking alternatively of getting a steam box for the games and a cheaper laptop, as I like freedom of using a computer anywhere and not being confined to one place, but then that would likely not be able to run the software I need.
  10. Ok, here's some constructive criticism. Please don't make any more of these videos. And don't use the greenscreen unless you're planning to do some Robert Di Niro lookalike videos, then you might make a decent video. Haven't forgotten from the old forums when you asked, from an anonymous user account, who you're favourite F1 youtuber was, and you threw a wobbly when people said IntoTheBarrier or someone else.
  11. When's Paddy's birthday? Oh wait...
  12. Um...yeah. Gonna try not be a prick like the last forum
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