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  1. On a mad Foo Fighters hype atm, wish they'd announce a UK tour for later this year and see them, Linkin Park and Kasabian all before Christmas.  
  2. I'll take it off your hands. 50 quid seems a fair deal. 
  3. f1 2014 will be an underwhelming game. 2015 is where it's at, that'll be a solid game imo. 
  4. Bumfez came from behind on another man? 
  5. Would anyone be interested in a Forum Fantasy Football league on the Premier League website? 
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6c7BgQqqwc
  7. Where's Tony Stewart when you need him?  Too soon?
  8. I read a few weeks back that the BBC was looking into if Top Gear was fundamentally a racist show, because when Clarkson said a bridge in the Burma episodes had a 'slope' to it, two, YES TWO people filed complaints. 
  9. I read that those cars are turned more by applying throttle and drifting, which if if he was trying to avoid hitting Ward, would explain why he seemed to acelerate
  10. He did run on to a racing track which is completely idiotic. Apparently Stewart was right behind a car numbered 45 ( no idea if that's true or not) and didn't see him until very late. Read that Wards family was in the crowd too. 
  11. Rachel Riley. Wish I could find the clip of 8o10c does Countdown where she hits Joe Wilkinson over the head with a bottle, then gives him the most innocent look. I'd do unmentionable things to her. Sorry not Sorry.
  12. So its only Thrushtmasters that work on PS4? So I'd be OK for F2 if I got that 458 one?
  13. Yeah, that episode title is a little more literal than you'd have expected. Personally I think S4 is better than S5, bar probably the very last 3 episodes.  Also found that I quite like Aaron Paul now (no homo), I thought he was a grade a douche before I got into Breaking Bad.
  14. Birmingham starting as they mean to go on. 
  15. And Birmingham still can't get promoted :smiley: 
  16. Well tbf, a certain mod doesn't seem to know what free-speech is. 
  17. You're as deluded as their fans. 
  18. What's happening with Borini? Have you got him yet? 
  19. Every PL stadium in FIFA 15. Have to say that's impressive, may seriously consider buying it and a PS4 if I can afford it. 
  20. Sounds like your a quick learner, but I'm sure it helps when you're instructor is positive. The main one I had was great, but the first one I had seemed as though he'd rather hang him himself than do another lesson, which doesn't help when it's your first time properly driving. 
  21. Wait for the next gen game if you don't want to buy the bloody PS3/360 game because it doesn't have the features you want. You think they'll revolutionize the game on old gen consoles, when they'll be defunct in about two years time, rather than wait 6 months and give them to us in a much better and nicer product? Quite whinging and come back in 6 months for the 2015 game if 2014 is eating your arse so much.  No they dont have to revolutionize anything. They need to improve it and so far they have not made an improvement to the base game since F1 2012. The fact that your getting so e
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