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  1. Wait for the next gen game if you don't want to buy the bloody PS3/360 game because it doesn't have the features you want. You think they'll revolutionize the game on old gen consoles, when they'll be defunct in about two years time, rather than wait 6 months and give them to us in a much better and nicer product? Quite whinging and come back in 6 months for the 2015 game if 2014 is eating your arse so much. 
  2. I've had a look and can't see another one, although do correct me if I've been a pillock and missed it.  Keep it clean-ish, but not too clean and boring.  What's yellow and feeds off dead beatles?  Yoko Ono.
  3. This perfectly sums up my thoughts to the majority of the F1 2014 section members/threads/comments.
  4. Seeing Lampard in a City shirt hurts way more than I expected. Also Lukaku kissed the Everton badge and he hasn't even played yet.
  5. What exactly is your idea of most? Do you have proof that's the case? Did you send out a poll to every person who's ever played an F1 game? Please enlighten me. 
  6. I'm starting with Dortmund but it's the latest update which means I can't cash in on Lewandowski.
  7. No doubt the idiot that wrote that was singing Moyes praises at the start of last season, claiming he was better than Wenger/Mourinho etc.  However I do think United stand a very real chance of winning the league. In Van Gaal they have an authoritian who won't accept bullshit, already he's ordered their new 30 million pound signing to train on his own; and if he can get the 3-5-2 to work then they'll be scoring at will if RVP/Rooney/Mata are fit. However that system isn't so well suited to the PL as it's faster paced than compared to Italy etc, so they could be exposed a lot and their C
  8. I do know how to use Google images man, cut me some slack :smile: 
  9. Nah just from google images
  10. And to think if Crutchlow had stayed at Tech 3 for one more year he'd be team leader, with the 3rd best bike on the grid, regularly fighting for podiums, but instead he wanted a big payday from a manufacturer who's bike even the GOAT couldn't get to work.  I like Crutchlow, but I have no sympathy for him. 
  11. I did the image doesn't show up. 
  12. How do you post a fuckin image? How difficult is it for CM to give us an enter URL option that actually works. 
  13. The AI needs to be improved at the first corner, even on Legend difficulty they're a complete joke. I'd hate to see a video of someone struggling against the easy difficult that's in the game atm. They must be a bit challenged upstairs tbh.
  14.  MickeyMotionz is where it's at. Trust fam. #hashtag #swag
  15. Cant stand Arsenal fans on twitter. Claiming Lampard has zero loyalty for joining city on loan for a few months, whilst virtually their entire first team from a few years has left for rivals, and they get into a meltdown and burn the players shirts. Their complete fanbase is a joke tbh.
  16. Creating multiple accounts after being banned isn't really a great way of getting into the Mods goodbooks tbh. I thought that would have been pretty bloody obvious.
  17. That guy may be a moron but he's my new hero. Does anyone remember Joey? Do thry know his Twitter etc?
  18. Thing is it's still being released for PC, so it's not actually old tech at all.  I never realised that the "smart move" was asking somebody who doesnt have the time of the day to reply, on a social network, a question you know he can't answer, throw a strop when he doesn't reply and cry when you realise you messed up. But I guess the more you know.
  19. Aren't you studying to become an engineer? 
  20. Wow, some moron on the 2014 game discussion sold his PS3 because Steve Hood didn't reply to him on Twitter, and he says it's CM fault. 
  21. No they haven't, if you have had a yearly dose of F1 gaming then you must of had a platform which would have been capable of running 2014, i.e ps3, xbox 360, or pc. F1 2014 is coming out on those platforms Codemasters didn't steal your console, nor did they force you to sell it, you cut yourself off from your yearly dose of F1 gaming Excuse me? I asked Steve several times if I should keep my PS3 for F1 2014. Got no reply. So don't blame me. I would have kept it if Steve would have answered, so yes it's their fault.  Stop blaming users for the mistakes of codemasters! That is wi
  22. BelgiumDude said: And it's their fault you can't be arsed to go out and pick up a PS3/360 for 100 quid?
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