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  1. Finished Breaking Bad last night, great five series, but I thought the last series was fairly poor compared to S3 or 4 bar an episode or two. 
  2. I got the impression that the next gen one was the 2014 cars with the 2015 cars and tracks patched in gradually, but maybe you're right. 
  3. Plus if next gen 2014 has 2015 cars in it as well throught he updates, could that not mean that in a few years we'd have a career mode where the car's and drivers actually switch around from season to season as it is irl. 
  4. But the game is coming out on Next Gen, so all you're complaints are a bit pointless tbh. I'd rather wait to have a game that's more polished after a few months, than a game that's just a reskin with the same gameplay wise. Think of how many more people would complain if it was the same game as on the PS3/360 only with better graphics, there would be a meltdown.  The only way EA get away with with FIFA is because football's the most popular sport on the planet so people will buy it regardless, F1 can't afford to do that. 
  5. Unless I can find it for around 20-25 quid somewhere like last year I probably won't buy it; i'm basically waiting for Gaiki to launch and have old Battlefield games available if it ever is, before I completely commit to a PS4. I knew the 2015 part would **** people off, but if they're waiting to release the game then that can only be good in my eyes as they're not rushing it out and releasing a buggy game again; The next gen version will be their flagship game so they need to go it right.  Depending on how good PCars is on console, they'll be releasing when the hype for that is/has died
  6. It will both, there's still a lot of money to be made on the previous gen consoles, and tbh it's only really a re-skinning job needed. Take FIFA for instance, they just release a re-hashed version every year and people still buy it; i'll be shocked if CM don't do the same. 
  7. I'm sure there's one guy in the 2014 game section who's MS7XWDC. Kinda can tell from his sarky attitude towards the game despite no details even being announced. 
  8. Lukaku won't stick around there for long, he's a bit of mercenary tbh. Even if he comes back to Chelsea which would be great, I can see him trying to force a move to someone like Dortmund in  a few years if he's still playing well enough to get them interested.  But where the hell did Everton get that kind of money from?
  9. All they'll do is announce that the game features the F1 2014 tracks and cars including the reigning world champion Sebastein Vettel like they did with 2011. I hope whoever was responsible for that info 'bomb' was sacked.
  10. So tbh, I'm happy with 28 million for a striker who was scared of some competition. Possibly rising to 30 plus if they win a trophy or qualify for CL. 28 million it is then.  On another forum I was reading, someone made a good point, that generally we play 50 plus games a year, yet Lukaku wanted to leave last season after 4 games, because of  "a lack of playing time|, conveniently ignoring his shitty penalty v Bayern. If it was January and he wanted to leave then fair enough, but not after 2 weeks ffs.  Still, it's a massive coup for Everton.  
  11. http://wtf1.co.uk/hungarian-gp-2014-onboard/ You're welcome.
  12. I thought you said the source was AMS :smile: 
  13. Torres has effectively made us sacrifice Ba, Sturridge and Lukaku in the hope that one day he won't be shite.
  14. So would I at the moment, but Drogba's much classier. His last kick for us was a pen for Bayern, as was Lukaku's.
  15. I want Lukaku to stay, but he's so arrogant.   Costa and Drogba have just arrived, are more experienced and have spoken about wanting to fight for their place, Lukaku is 20 and says he wants guarantees; plus he doesn't actually take having competition all that well-especially at the World Cup.  But then he's got 32 League goals in the last two seasons.  
  16. How hard is it to wait and get on with your life in the meantime?
  17. Careful. You said something a tiny weeny bit out of line. Justbiglee is waiting to strike with his banhammer.
  18. He was on loan at Vitesse (RIP) for like forever so I hardly watched him, heard he was actually pretty good though tbf.  But if he's behind Bertrand in the pecking order then he can't be anything special tbh. 
  19. I cant wait for the post race Vettel argument between AMS and four or five other members.
  20. It's not easy like that. I read every Tweet from Steve and he never said it that clearly. There were hints but if you followed Steve for years you know that this means not much. Plus Steve mentioned they are developing F1 games at the moment. Whatever this means. Maybe there's F1 2014 for Old Gen and F1 2015 for Next Gen. You never know what CM's doing. Christ on a bendy bus, they wete talking about releasing F1 2013 on PS3/360 because they didnt want to make a mistake and rush a release on next gen that was crap, that was very well discussed last year so why you're telling me th
  21. If any of the ret*rds on this forum could read or use twitter they'd realise that CM and the devs have all but confirmed it's on Next gen. They've said it's not PS4 Exclusive, Steve Hood's said time and time again that they have so much more processing power now; one of them said it was great to be working on new machinery as opposed to PS3/360.  Anybody who still doubts it is an idiot. 
  22. I'm on Holiday. in Southern Spain. It's like 35 degrees up from 10 till 8. 
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