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  1. To be fair Ricciardo has been brilliant in wheel to wheel fighting this season, and the moves he was making in the last race especially with Alonso was some of the best, and fairest racing I've seen in F1 for a long time. Bahrain was good, but it was refreshing to see them fighting and no-one whinging like a little girl. Although Ricciardo's Australian so he doesn't stand for any bullshizzle tbf. 
  2. I'm pretty sure I could sh*t a better game than Grid 2 was. 
  3. That's not even the weirdest thing to come out of Japan.
  4. A pint of lager and a packet of crisps?
  5. It has zero relevance to a video game. What a stupid question.
  6. That was photoshopped by some F1 YouTuber apparently.  Makes zero sense to put a reserve driver who not many people know of to out on the cover, although it might well end up being a Williams.
  7. There will be last gen options, CM would be stupid not to release it on PS3/360 seeing as a lot of people still have them, but most of, if not all of the changes will be on PS4/Xbox One and that will be where the majority of their game sales wil come from. 
  8. Is it just me who thinks that a closed cockpit would suffocate a driver really easily, if it was in say a. a hot location, long race with a tough, physical track. Surely the only way they get fresh air at the moment is because they're driving in an open-environment.  That or just stick some Red-arrows type helmets on em. 
  9. Why does every race thread end with a Vettel argument between certain people hours after the race has ended, regardless of whether Vettel's done well or not?  Calm your tits. 
  10. My God you're pale. Do you ever see the sun?
  11. Fun fact: They shot that episode with only two characters in one location because they were well over budget and had to save on costs. Well,  I say "fun fact"....
  12. 2014 one PS3/360 will just be the same. Xbone/PS4 is where all the upgrades and new and improved features will be-because they have so much more processing power than 7th gen consoles.  And if that's your idea of "banter" then I despair. 
  13. Just finished BB S3. Shit got hairy real fast.
  14. He was talking about how it was a Malaysian Airways plane he was flying on, and it was one of theirs that went missing a few months ago.  Although that post would look threatening if you didn't know that. 
  15. At least it's not Stefan Kuntz.
  16. Yeah that's what I thought tbh. CM need to sort this forum out on phones. Can't post paragraphs, spoilers aren't hidden and I can't even use my tablet in Chrome to post.
  17. Finished Breaking Bad S2 last night. I'm sure it'll be explained in S3 but the ending was a bit anti-climactic. Great show though.
  18. So this Question of the Day thread ended after a day because the OP never came back?
  19. It will be. One of the devs (albeit it on Grid Autosport) said something like farewell to working on 7th gen consoles last week. Steve Hoods been talking about NG and Paul Jeal did an interview about it before 2013 was even released.
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