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  1. Could they not just have cameras on rotatable mounts in certain areas of the pitlane, above each pit box, at the end, middle, start of the pitlane etc.  Does anyone know if those 18 inch rims are being introduced next year, or just some random thing Pirelli came up with? 
  2. First pre-season day back at Chelsea, Zouma is an absolute beast and Ivanovic now has a beard. 
  3. He has about as much of beating Marquez as Birmingham not being in a relegation battle year after year.
  4. She has been alright at Silverstone, however she nearly slipped into bike mode by saying it's so hard to get a "ride err drive" in F1 :p TBH I'd like: Presenter: Lee McKenziePundits: EJ and DCCommentators: Ben Edwards, David Coulthard and Eric SilvermanPit lane: Gary AndersonInterviewers: Natalie Pinkham and Tom Clarkson Button could make a good commentator too when he retires: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xs8ygh_jenson-button-commentary-box-itvf1-2005_sport You forgot Ted Kravitz. Seriously. Ted Kravitz is the best presenter in F1. Perhaps is all of sport.  Eddie Jordan is the
  5. Those new rims look horrible imo. As if some chavvy teen has nicked them from his clio and stuck em to an f1 car. 
  6. Ozil is wack. I know Torres is crap, that's long been established, but Ozil does nowhere near enough to justify a 42 and a half million fee.  Okay so Arsenal's results picked up after he signed but that was more of a mental boost to the club rather than him getting goals and assists every week-which is what Ramsey did.  Schurrle really should start ahead of him in the Final, but then he's better as an impact sub. 
  7. They scored twice as many in 6 minutes as we scored in 3 games ffs. We are truly dreadful. 
  8. You mean like most other United fans? Downvote incoming.
  9. We've agreed a fee with them and Simeone has apparently said he wishes him luck at Chelsea, so it's basically a done deal. No dodgy sources and confirmed on the website, all he really has to do is be presented to the press. Still feel we need another quality striker. Lukaku's great he's been bitching a lot the last few weeks and got dropped for a 19 year old at the world cup, would like to have Mandzukic though-very underrated I feel. 
  10. Pretty sure the guy who works for Warrior and designs the Liverpool kits hates them with a passion. 
  11. Thing is if Brazil had managed to tempt Diego Costa then they'd have a world class player on every position, GK debatable. I know he was shite for Spain and he's a Chelsea player but he's scored 50 goals the last two seasons. Although he doesn't look 25 and rather seems as if he's been running a drug cartel for 30 years.
  12. Personally I'd wait till Fifa, F1 and Destiny etc drops. But there's always Knack :)
  13. What kind of retard uses a controller for a different platform, then complains when it doesn't work properly? 
  14. They are much better than GAME!  I swear you work for them don't you? :P
  15. Trying to stop spambots > account deleted forever. Bravo Codemasters
  16. Hulk is more of a work rat. He's stronger too. A very tactical and modern player. Thing is he isn't is he? I've watched every Brazil game pretty much since the start of the Confeds and he really doesn't justify his place enough. He doesn't score enough, assist enough, create enough clear chances and he rarely gets any shots on target. Brazil's big issue in the group stages was providing protection to their fullback. Oscar hasn't done brilliantly going forward this WC but he's a solid tackler and works hard. William would have balanced that on the left. Hell Ramires would have better as he
  17. Is Hulk some kind of God in Brazil. Genuinely awful and I can't think why Scolari keeps playing him. If he had Willian on the left he'd have someone who actually passes, isn't greedy and actually has a really good work rat, this helping out Marcello defensively.
  18. Klose has 15 goals from his last 4 world cup tournaments.  England as a country has 17. Says it all really. 
  19. Got the Match day hospitality job at Chelsea :) So glad I'm giving up the company I work for now. Crap pay, don't ever work at half the events advertised on their website and their office is full of w*****s and hipsters who don't answer the phone, don't reply to texts and if you ask them a question they ignore you.  I'm working for another Hospitality company tomorrow for the second time and the pay per hour is already a pound better than I ever got with this other company. 
  20. No-one was ever going to save that car crash. 
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