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  1. Yeah he has been pretty average although that's more to do with me playing him out of position. Accepted but Real couldn't get the funds together anyway. Trying to negotiate some sort of swp with him and Isco anyway. For some reason Bayern are all over Salah like a rash and are bidding like 20 million for him. 
  2. Hmmm 35 million quid offer from Real for Oscar.  Stats last two seasons are: Bear in mind he's had a few injuries.  M G A  R 13/14 38 2  10 6.94 14/15 32 5 7 6.98 My head says yes, but my heart says no. He's young but not getting ahead of Willian, Hazard for me. I usually play 4-1-2-2-1, but thinking of going 4-3-3 for next season and he can play CM as well as CAM and on the wings. But he doesn't score much and i'm considering selling Salah as well. Dunno what to do. 
  3. Managing Chelsea, dominant PL victory in first season, it's amazing what a good striker (Mandzukic) and how much of a difference he actually makes to that team. Lost in CL final to Bayern with a dodgy penalty decision, which UEFA apologised to me for.  Second season, shite start finished third, Newcastle won the league for some random reason, then sacked Pardew and brought Roy Hodgson in #YOLO Won a League and FA Cup double, got to CL final again beating Dortmund (2R), Everton (QF), Spuds (SF), I think my game is broken-and lost to Real Madrid in the final minus Azpilicueta, Di Sciglio, S
  4. Is Dimitrov the one who's boning Sharapova? 
  5. About to start watching Breaking Bad. The very first episode. #6yearslate
  6. I like forward to seeing how you're going to give away prizes in a competition that finished almost a month ago :P
  7. Yeah I think it is, can see the bridge underneath it. 
  8. Please tell me that's not a real thing. Maybe we should get @f1since08 one :P
  9. I like Adidas kits, but I wish they had the balls to do something other than the 3 stripes down the arms on every single kit, mix it up. 
  10. Personally I'm not 100% certain they did go to the moon. However my favourite conspiracy theory is that Hitler is living up there after faking his own death, building a base on the other side of the moon ready to invade the planet hahaha. I'm pretty sure some retard made a movie about it too.
  11. I always hate matches that don't have Chelsea winning in extra time, because you watch more football and don't get to see penalty shoot-outs. Thank god we don't have Golden goal anymore. 
  12. Probably a manager game like he hinted a few weeks ago. Similar to like EA did in about 2000. Although if it was can't see it being a separate release-maybe like UT on FIFA.
  13. Did anyone ever find out who that actually was?
  14. Some punctuation and grammar would be nice.  A paragraph or two wouldn't go amiss either. 
  15. Mike Bassett: England manager.  "Them Mexicans were bloody good, here, three cheers for Ramirez"
  16. Anyone going to carry this on? 
  17. You're about 12 years old, live the other side of the country and don't go to games. Suppose to be fair you are a typical United fan.  I wonder what your come back will be. Maybe you'll press the disagree button. 
  18. #neverheardofhimuntilthismorning #unitedfans
  19. 4 months is a long time to be fair, although I think it's his very last chance saloon. Unfortunately he's worth millions. If he was in League 2 he'd be in prison. 
  20. Suarez banned for 9 internationals, banned from all football activity for 4 months and cannot enter stadiums. 100,000 whatever fine and his next game will be v Newcastle on November 1st.  And I still see some Liverpool fans defending him. One said that it was unfair because he didn't do any damage to Cheillini. HE. BIT. ANOTHER. HUMAN. BEING. 3. TIMES.  Plus...  Got to be thes best Photoshop I've ever seen.
  21. This isn't going to end well. 
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