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  1. Do you know what you got jailed for? Probably something OTT because the mods/swear-filter's on here are a joke. 
  2. Proven.  And he said the same word about 7 or 8 times so he clearly knew what he was doing.  John Terry may have used racist language yet it was in the heat of the moment and he said it once. 
  3. 2014 will be on next gen, maybe a later release in November/December but it will be on next gen. 
  4. Suarez deserves to have the book thrown at him. To do it not once, not twice but three times is just disgusting.  I don't think he has a mental problem as you see muppets like Stan Collymore claiming, but when he get's desperate and frustrated then something seems to go off inside his head. It's a shame as well because he'd done a lot better the last season in cutting out the dick-ish behaviour and I was starting to like him.  FIFA have a great opportunity to set a standard here. They can't hide behind any BS excuses like it's the first time because it clearly isn't; and if he isn't
  5. Lol @ the irony of disregarding "coulda, shoulda, woulda" because the ref's/linesman made mistakes; then saying Spain/England deserve to go out because they made mistakes. 
  6. Enjoy eating nothing but mashed potatoes. 
  7. Quality game USA v Portugal. Show's how dependent on Ronaldo Portugal are. Bruno Alves is a terrible player, but Clint Dempsey has been brilliant. 
  8. Uruguay has a population of 4-5 million and has the best strikers in the Premier League bar none. You have no excuse.  Sarcasm. 
  9. Simon Lazenby is such a bell. What the f*** was that Schwarzenegger question about, then grunting about it after?
  10. Bullshit, they hugged each other when they got out of the car. Ah didn't see that, my bad. Still at least you weren't a c**t about it.
  11. Rosberg-Hamilton ignoring each other is just childish.
  12. m.youtube.com/watch?v=KBWuDhIv9B0
  13. Kvyat got a crap launch tbf. Must of run it close but of he had he'd been given a penalty already.
  14. Let me guess AMS, Vettel for driver of the day?
  15. Great goal by Messi. Good to see that the big players are showing up at this tournament (Messi, Neymar, Benzema etc), or at the very least playing miles better than they did in South Africa.  bar Ronaldo obvs
  16. Took them over 12 hours to do it though. 
  17. "I just don't know my best position. Left, Right or Centre" "Shut up and get on the bloody plane Wayne"
  18. Roy Hodgson's got a difficult decision to make on Tuesday.  Windows seat or Aisle seat. 
  19. I don't think it was because of you tbh.
  20. I get that bashing Rooney is in the in-fashion thing at the moment; but he's our genuinely only world class player at the moment. There's nothing like the World Cup to bring out the kneejerk reactions especially across an entire population, most of whom who don't give a rat's arse what he does for United.  If that free-kick had gone in and the header everyone would be raving about him.  He's our joint top scorer and assist maker; and it's no use saying he doesn't play well at the biggest tournaments because none of the England players ever do. The last time we played well was back in
  21. France will do well this year. Semi's at least imo. 
  22. You should be the manager then. Typical armchair fan.
  23. The Italian national anthem is the shizzle.
  24. Banhammer inbound? @luke Been told that my wage would be around £7.50 which isn't bad considering I'm not 21 yet
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