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  1. For future f1 titles to access past f1 game saves so the career mode can be continued across titles, for instance i could continue my career from caterham in F1 2013 onto F1 2014 
  2. The option on harder difficulties to manually control starts so it possible to make errors such as stalling or jump starting, penalties could then be applied to these and the ai so every so often you see a car stall or jump the start. 
  3. I see what you mean with the challenge mode and its not a bad idea but id rather them nail the basic career mode and online as thats what most players spend the majority of their time on, that could possibly be a good after thought or dlc though 
  4. I really like this idea! if done somewhat like the FIFA franchise with it being optional with three options at the start of your career like: >Driver >Manager>Driver/Manager I think if this was this case it would add hours of more play time, immersion and make the game more replayable. 
  5. I agree with most of the other posts here but one idea i had for multi-player would be to some how incorporate the ai into the online lobbies to make lobbies where there's only about 8 players have a full grid of cars   
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