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  1. seb04578

    AI Strategy 100% races

    Can agree that AI seems to always start on soft tyres, but don't see that much of a problem in the AI strategy at 100% races. Indeed I really loooove 100% races for the variety in strategys. Had an amazing race today at Zandvoort. Most of the AI did a 2 stop, just like me. Some were on 3 stop and Stroll amazingly did a 1 stop (from soft to medium). And the best part: In a 100% race all strategys can work! 1 stop brought Stroll from 12 to 7, me and several drivers gaint positions with 2 stop and Vettel also got the 3 stop to work (started in 9th, finished 2nd). Like I said: Love 100% races for this. Brings a whole new component to races which we don't have in 50 or 25% races. But yeah, of course it would add even more variety to it if some drivers would do a medium-soft-soft and some would do a soft-soft-medium...