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  1. Thank you @BarryBL for your support🙂 Hope we will hear any update soon and in the meantime I have to start a second team to stay in form😉
  2. After waiting a little bit I have raced my third race today and still nothing changed. It still says 0/3 races completed and 0/40 miles driven in the podium pass, let's hope this issue will get fixed soon
  3. Hi all, I have the same issue with the podium pass. I have participated 2 times today at the weekly event at spa but when I go to the podium pass it still says 0/3 race events finished and 0/60 miles driven. PS4, Version 1.08
  4. Hi @BarryBL, thanks for merging the topics and sry for the late answer to your questions. I finished practice 1 and practice 2 and after that i wanted to go straight to Qualifying but by mistake clicked on race in the menu in career mode. Complete Qualifying (18/15/12 Min) Race Distance 25% and Formation Lap turned on I left the Application when i advanced to the race after clicking when the screen was black. Therefore i didn't saw if it said "Race" or "Qualifying 3" in the Loading Screen. Now when I try to load my save game it says Qualifying
  5. Hi @BarryBL I have opened a thread with a similar issue today, because I didn't see this one. I have the Problem on PS4 and I attached a savegame in my original post. maybe my savegame can help find a solution for this issue. The thread with the savegame can be found here: Kind Regards
  6. Hello, after I accidentally clicked on Race instead of Qualifying I closed the Application on my PS4 and started the game again in the hope that I could somehow get to the point before my mistake. Now when I try to load my MyTeam Save the Loading Screen starts at Q3 and after that I get a black Screen with the "Please Wait" Animation in the Top Left Corner. I guess I broke the game while it was trying to simulate Q3 with closing the Application and now I can't continue with my MyTeam Save. After reinstalling the game everything stayed the same Plattform: PS4
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