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  1. micahlitt

    Driver Transfers Bug?

    They really need to make the licensing in this game transparent and let fans know what they are able to do with the drivers and teams. Ex: They cannot allow players to move drivers around and use manufacturer's name inside the game. Besides in game racing the other game modes that make this game interesting is garbage. I stopped purchasing F1 games because of the limitations of Career Mode and only got back in to F1 2019 and 2020 recently out of boredom. As much as I hate EA Sports and 2K games at least their Franchise/Career mode and the ability to adjust rosters of teams made the game fun (I haven't purchased products from either in recent years). I honestly cannot believe that I still cannot manually move drivers around and then save the driver roster then start a Career Mode with that save while having a default roster saved somewhere in memory. I agree on driver transfers not moving despite under performing, It's like they built the game and said **** it, let's not have a background data structure tally how drivers are performing and keep them in the same team for 10 years.
  2. I completed two races in Bahrain and both times I purposely ran into Hamilton and caused a few cars to DNF. I DNF'd myself and retired from the session(s) and both times Hamilton returned from a DNF to win the race. LeClerc also DNF'd in my second Bahrain race and came back to get 2nd place. Also, for driver ratings I updated the ratings via the in game mail. It initially worked when I started a My Team career after the update but the update doesn't seem to be permanent. I started a new My Team and the ratings reverted back to what it initially was.
  3. micahlitt

    Is My Team too easy?

  4. micahlitt

    Wish list for F1 2021

    I would like to add Finance - I have a full season to operate. Let me go in the red and if not I either shut down or sell assets. That wind tunnel, gone, back to using air hoses. - That F1 2020 Simulator, gone!. Back to using a game pad and console. Gameplay - How do I stop Jeff from 'mansplaining' how to do a practice program every time. Like yo' this is my 150th time doing this, shut up already! - If all I wanted to do was drive/race I could have chosen another game for that. The gameplay & racing is good but the supporting modes are...bland. Career mode didn't move the needle at all this year seems like a direct import from last season. Marketing - What's the point? I was able to fully fill all R&D trees without upgrading my Marketing acclaim percentage tier. Race Weekend - Can I simulate a full weekend without having to load UI's? Just give me the option to either enter the race weekend screen or simulate the whole weekend and show me the results. Yes, I know this isn't 2k and seasons aren't as long as the NBA or other sports but the load screens make it seem longer.
  5. micahlitt

    Wish list for F1 2021

    Just a few improvements on My Team this year would be nice or an announcement from them that they are not going to add to My Team and only continue to patch their game would be even better. It is the only reason I got back into F1 games (2017,16,14,12 >> 2019,2020) and it is a bit of a let down. They don't even need to overhaul just make a few improvements. Here are some ideas for free and not even original. My Team Free Agency and Contracts PLEASE FIX the contract negotiations. I saved up money for LeClerc after the first season, I signed him, only to lose him midway into my second season because I didn't upgrade my facility without any heads up. Then he sits in free agency until the end of the season. Also happened with other drives (Checo and Kimi). What a waste of time! It really makes a player want to fully stop playing. Show what the drivers require so I am not guessing and wasting time later. (That graph on driver comparison is useless BTW). Push back contract negotiations to the very end of the season so it gives me time to upgrade my facility after finding out what they want. Why is Verstappen so hard to sign despite meeting all his needs? Can I get a reason why a driver declines me when all items are fullfilled? Drivers retire before I can even reach what they want. Seb, Ricciardo retired when I finally met their wants...prompting me to fully simulate a season in order for it to happen again...yeah f this game and game mode. Can I sign a driver for more than 11 races at a time? LeClerc just signed until 2024. Add a contract clause like facilities at tier 2 by 12 races or R&D is tree is not 60% completed, too many failed components. (eff I had 8+ components fail in a season I'd leave my own team). I just won the constructor championship and this driver in a struggling team doesn't want to sign because I finished 6th the season prior and not 5th. But my team just won the WCC this year!!! More free agent drivers. Don't limit me to a small group of drivers when starting a team. Just give me the full list. I want to start with Mick Schumacher instead I have to exit the game in order for this to randomize again. They should also have team affiliates and should be the ones to replace retiring/moving drivers. Ex. Kimi retires, a Ferrari Junior driver like Mick replaces him. Bottas usually leaves for Alfa, can we just move Russell over to Mercedes instead he moves up to a another bottom team. Also some players never move, ex. Ocon I have testd at least 20+ My Teams and have not seen him move once. Oh look first female F1 driver, that would get a lot of media coverage. Can we somehow add this in as an extra acclaim. Stroll/Perez leaves. Let me offer them a seat for some of that sponsor/legacy money. Red Bull Racing juniors replace Red bull racers only unless they are struggling in the top 3. Probably not possible due to license issues but put all drivers with a Super License available as a free agent, ex. Hulkenberg. Can I just be an owner and not an owner and driver. So I can sign two of the best drivers and have them fight compete for the title? Allow my created driver to retire and be replaced with a different created driver and the old drivers stats is archived. Customization Please fix the sponsor decals. It is a waste of time to have to go back and re apply decals when renewing a sponsor. I only add my main sponsor and that is it. Fix the color picker. OMG it is so hard to accurately choose a color when using a console. How about you just let met use a mouse/kb on console so I can at least make incremental movements on the bar. OSD/Stats Allow player to display last lap time. Or give an option to display 3-5 previous lap times. I'd like to see if I'm consistent and if I can keep with the other drivers. Let user display lap time of driver in front and back to show what they are lapping. I know I can ask but I don't have a kinect. I have enough mental bandwidth to cycle through but it can't be done for every track. Allow user to change descending/ascending order of lap times. (Sorry if this is already possible). Allow users to view full results of past races. Save pole results much like previous season results. Extras I know you guys worked hard on your cut scenes but will you please allow us players to skip Will and go directly to the questions. Both Career and My Team mode, that opening interview in Career is cringy. Let me pick my rival like in 2019. Why would I want to risk my small acclaim to try and beat Vettel just because I qualified in the front row. It is also a wasted question for Claire. The questions are not very well implemented. Create a chemistry bar between teammates, rivals, fans and the team depending on how I answer a question. and show 'Jeff/Teammate did not like that' So a kinect is still required to fully immerse myself to this game to talk to my race engineer? EDIT: Probably not possible but create a budget cap for later seasons or add it as a regulation change. - Create a Dream mode, much like career or My Team where the player can either use a draft, manually move players, or a random roster to start season a My Team career.