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  1. Hi, my name is Sergio and I´m from Spain. My issue happened in PS4 and it affected MyTeam mode. My progress was deleted. I think this issue happened after I instaled 1.08 version of the game. On 8/25, a message appeared on the start screen of the game. It said "Corrupted file 6522DF69". There was an option to restore the file, I clicked on it but it did not work and the next message that appeared is in the first photo. It said "Corrupted file. Restored 6522DF69 - 6522DF69 - 2144DF1C. Do you want to restore the file?", and I clicked again but nothing happened, the message dessapeared and I went back to the start screen. Then, I pressed "Options" button to continue and the screen that appeard was the second photo. It said "User license agreement". This message appeared the first day I opened the game. Then, I had to vinculated my account to "Codemasters Community" because I haven´t done it before, Once I accepted it, I had to create another character and then I received 10250 PitCoin because I had already bought the Podium Pass when I bought the game. Finally, when I created the new character, I saw that I had all the Podium Pass progress and the things I had bought in the store, but MyTeam progress had dissapeared. I was on the Azerbaiyan Grand Prix of the second season, my team was the fourth best and I had Carlos Sainz as partner. I tried to solve the problem deleting the corrupted file in the PS menu. The last file I have saved of MyTeam mode is from the 8/22, then it is all lost. I deleted the game and I reinstalated it, but I have the same issue. Please I need some help. I don´t want to lose all the progress of MyTeam mode. This game is great. Sorry for my bad English. Thank you, and I hope for help.
  2. Hi, my name is Sergio and I´m from Spain. My F1 2020 has an error: corrupted file 6522DF69 - 2144DF1C. How can I fix this? I lost all the progress in MyTeam mode, but the premium pass and the products I have bought in the Store still in my account. My account is mr_lagg16. Help please!