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  1. keithck

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    thank you, where will find the master output limiter?
  2. keithck

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Single player
  3. keithck

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Ironically, I’m on the wrong thread. My issue is with GRID 2019. And yes, it sounds like it’s clipping. Like too much sound happening at the same time.
  4. keithck

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    My apologies to CodeMasters if I came off unpleasant. I am a huge fan of Codemasters work, I understand that a lot of time and effort is involved with creating these games. I guess I’m frustrated because I have tried everything these forums have suggested to no avail. It’s not so much a cracking and popping, more like cramming too much through too small, like the audio is all mushed together. No matter what play back speakers I use. But only on Grid 2019. I’ll look into this, wondering if it can be used to run my audio speaker set up through
  5. keithck

    Crackling audio f1 2020

    Ok so Grid 2019 has this really bad audio. I’m on PC: Alienware 15 R2, 1 tb Samsung 860 SSD, 2 tb fantom external HD, G29 Logitech wheel, 16 gb memory, Boze headphones, Altec Lansing 5.1 surround PC audio with Realtek on board. I don’t have any audio issues with RaceRoom, Dirt Rally 2.0, rFactor, WRC 7, Grid Autosport, Assetto Corsa Competizone. Etc. I do have a audio issue with Grid 2019... sounds like “clipping” or “over keyed” I believe CodeMasters can and should patch this issue. I’m not the only user experiencing the problem. I really don’t understand why they keep telling the end user, who has no issues with other games, to try this or that to fix it. I’m sorry if I’m being harsh, but this is a customer service issue involving their product. Honestly, I’m ****** about it. thank you and have a great day