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  1. i spent most of today re-downloading and it worked for me too!
  2. Having the same annoying issue - 

    reportcode TBTJ-HVAH-BMKP-CXVG

  3. can confirm still happening today, shut my internet off to try and reset the connections to the servers, still the same
  4. @BarryBL cheers for the response ill update my original topic with the report code now
  5. Its been a day now and no response from anyone at codemasters isn't a very good sign. If anyone does see this on the support team i'd at least like the opportunity get a refund if there is no fix, please include the channels to do so in your response. Quick update, someone on reddit suggested continually trying to join the same session a total of 10ish times, ive tried this with no luck but others may want to attempt this. Simply ask a friend to host a lobby for you and spam join it over and over. This seemed to work for a few people but not the majority
  6. 1. This issue hit me literally overnight, i was playing fine a matter of hours ago now it just gives me "failed to join the session" every time i try and loading into a lobby. The first few times the game gave me error code kmr5 but after following other guides in a effort to fix the same issue the error no longer shows, only "failed to join the session". I do also want to point out that it takes far longer for the game to even load the session list in the first place when you click on unranked in multiplayer edit: after verifying game cache KMR5 error code is back 2. game ve
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