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  1. LogiUK

    Logitech G923

    The wheel should still work fine - please confirm. The rev LED will only work once Codemasters integrate support for Trueforce into F1 2020. The basic Xbox wheel specification does not support rev LEDs, so we have added that via our Trueforce SDK.
  2. LogiUK

    Logitech G923

    Hi there, Whilst the G923 isn't natively supported yet, you can still set it up to work. I'm assuming you're on PC here as the console versions should just work automatically. You'll need to go to the Control Settings and edit the G923 wheel that you'll see in the list. It's then a process of assigning the different parts of the wheel to each command that you want - e.g. highlight Steer Left, press Return on the keyboard to indicate that you want to assign it, rotate the wheel all the way left and then back to centre and it should assign it (you should see X- appear). Do that for all other functions and save it. Do also remember to go into the force feedback settings and turn the Wheel Dampening all the way down to 5 or 10% otherwise it makes the wheel feel very heavy and unresponsive.
  3. Hi All, The wheel will work fine if you go and configure it in the controls. When you configure the Steer Left/Right functions it should come up as X- and X+ respectively. If it's done that then you're good to go. Remember that when assigning the steering F1 has a very low timeout whilst it waits for input so you need to turn the wheel all the way in the respective direction and then get it back to centre quickly too. Once you've got everything set up, remember to go and turn the wheel dampening down to 5 or 10% in the force feedback section otherwise the wheel just won't feel right.
  4. @Monzie83 They're working on support in F1 2020 at the moment.
  5. LogiUK

    Any update on G923 support?

    @amazingblaze They're working on it at the moment.
  6. Hi there. The extra controls and the RPM LEDs are only possible on Xbox because of the extra SDK that we created to enable Trueforce on Xbox. Developers who incorporate Trueforce support therefore have the option of enabling those extra functions too - ACC does, for example.
  7. LogiUK

    Any update on G923 support?

    Hi there. Could you share your FFB settings as you have them in F1 2020 please? Just in case you are, I don't recommend directly copying G29 settings because the wheel is more responsive as a result of the new electronics.