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  1. All disappointed F1 fans, take a look at Project Cars.
  2. I haven't tried it yet, but I have 2013, and from what everyone has already said about 2014, it looks like Project Cars is going to seriously kick 2014's ass, plus it supports my wheel, the Fanatec CSR, unlike 2014.  Take a look at all of the new Youtube videos for PC as it approaches it's final version.  Too bad the F1 franchise is only owned by a company that keeps riding former laurels.  A little competition from other companies would only improve the genre.  Scrench
  3. Me too.  What little FF I do feel stays the same thruout full rotation, never changes.  Tried everything from 0-100 on FF Settings menu.  I think the main problem is that our CSR wheels are not supported by the game, only the the CSR Elite and lower versions.  These wheel work great with Xbox and PS, not so much with any F1 PC game.  I know of one of the better players on Youtube, Ben Daly, who just switched to the CSR and loves it, but alas, he's playing it on Xbox. My Replay doesn't work either.  It goes to the panel with the transport control screen, but stays
  4. Great.  So they can't make up their minds on the rules.  Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the AI pay no penalty at all with their tires from Q to the race.  I've never seen one of them have to pit before the predicted time.  And it makes no sense to me at all that racers wouldn't be allowed to start a race with fresh tires.  They go to many lengths and extremes to keep the cars somewhat equal in all respects, then you have to start on worn tires?  How is that fair?  Just saying...
  5. Thanks for that explanation.  Now I know I need to set the fastest lap in Q3 I can, as fast as I can, then wait out the clock in the garage to save the tyres.  Perhaps in the future Codemasters could add if not link to the actual rules, a short video to the game that explains the rules we need to know.  I fully admit I had no idea there was so much going on behind the actual racing itself, and as a result, I am now a F1 fan, get up extra early on Sundays to watch streamed broadcasts of races (just finished watching Singapore), and absolutely love this game, which is why my passi
  6. OK.  I understand the onus of this is on me for not understanding the rules completely, but at the least, for new players like me, it would help if Codemasters would include a brief statement saying that since this game is so realistic, the rules of F1 should be reviewed before attempting to play this game, and suggest a link to go to to do that.  Speaking of which, so I don't sound like a ranting child again, or make another idiotic mistake, or inadvertently cause a developer to remove an important feature of the game for those who enjoy as much realism as possible, can someone plea
  7. Not so pointless because nowhere is it explained that you start a race on the tires you qualified on.  Thank you Skiddyboy13.  Lets say that I'm able to turn in the fastest qualifying lap in my first couple of laps that will hold up for pole position.  Would it be prudent then to just go to the garage and let time expire without putting anymore wear on the tires?
  8. I had no option to change tires at the beginning of the race.  Anybody know a way around this?
  9. Well this damn game did it to me again.  This time, at India, I could only make it around 1 lap before my tires were complete crap, so I had to pit at the end of lap 1, then pit again around lap 10 in a 25 lap race.  The best I could pull out with one more pit stop than everyone else was 5th place.  What bogus BS.  I can only assume the tire wear from Qualifying carried over to the race, but what idiot team would start on worn tires?  Where does it say in any rules that the tires you qualify on have to be the ones you start on?  As I said, total BS. Scrench
  10. Thank you for the advice.  I tried Dirt just because I wanted to play something that took me out into nature to have fun with, away from the seriousness of F1, and during my down time between races.  I don't play it competitively at all on purpose.  In fact, I spend as much time exploring the landscape and whatever else is on the sides of the track as I do driving.  I wish it had a wide-open architecture where I could drive anywhere.
  11. Yep, I saw the answer to this question in the General Discussion forum after posting this.  I got 2010 for $6 and some change during the Steam Codemasters sale.  The extra content is fun, but after playing 2013, the graphics are disappointing, and especially the nauseating whiny sound of the cars has made it almost unplayable for me.  Guess I'm spoiled.  Glad it was cheap.  Thanks for the answer. Surprisingly though, I bought Dirt 3 just for a change and am completely delighted with it, in fact it takes much more skill to control those cars than it does in F1 and is
  12. I'm doing much better now at 2013 on PC with a Fanatec CSR wheel since I moved into a Sauber from my initial Force India, winning my last three races in my first season.  With just 4 races left I still use traction control and drive from the upper intake camera angle, but next season I'll try with no assists and from the driver perspective.  What I've found I really like, besides the racing, is the F1 immersion into the stuff that surrounds the actual racing; the victory celebration, the cut scenes, the emails, sponsor support etc...  So my question is:  which of the older
  13. F1 2013, PC.  Needless to say I am extremely hacked off because I did not know as I was battling Alonso for 1st place on the very last lap of Singapore that cumulative "Cutting Corner" penalties will not only give you time penalties but completely disqualify you from the race, which is what happened to me.  Should have been in the rule book...Oh... what rule book? 
  14. What about when racing 25% races with only 1 qualifying round?  Do I start the race on those tires?  So if I set a hot Q lap in the first few laps, I should stop so I don't wear my tires more?
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