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  1. Maybe the time will come where the problem and the shoving under the carpet of it will be adressed publicly, like on a big gaming website or portal 🤔 I really feel robbed. Paid for a game that I can't use the way I want to and the way it is supposed to be used. Yet no one, except @BarryBL with his little statements (thanks for them!), is talking to the community since weeks.
  2. Dear @BarryBL I may be a new forum member as well, still I played your F1 game before and this year for thousands of hours in multiplayer. There have been the same issues before, but not in every lobby as it seems today. It was not great but acceptable in F1 2020. What @n0thappy describes is the current state of your game. How can you be that arrogant to put his words under "oh a new frustrated user, he doesn't know.."? Yes, it's frustrating. Yes, there are desyncs in almost every lobby. Yes, a lot of competitive leagues had to stop. Yes, the multiplayer part of your game is b
  3. I was able to play some ranked races tonight without any problems, crashes or whatsoever. I did not have to do anything special like reinstalling the game. The problem seems to be resolved for me. Thanks for fixing this!
  4. Yes same here. Tonight was race day and we wanted to finish our first league season. Unfortunately we were not able to race due to this connection / server issues (PC Steam). I'm not sure if it's a F1 specific problem or if it's a steam problem. Anyway, pretty disappointing.
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