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  1. Hey everyone, ever since the last patch, whenever the game crashes or I alt-f4, I lose most of the force feedback in my g29. This is consistent on both pc and ps4 (I have the game on both platforms). once this happens, moving the wheel from pc to ps4 doesn't seem to help, it's like this game is screwing up the wheel in a way that is somehow in the wheel and carries over on another system, but only for dirt rally 2.0 It's only dirt rally 2.0 that does this and some ffb still works, but most of it is gone/absent. Turning self aligning torque and wheel centering force to 150 does nothing. Alt tabbing out causes the wheel to go immediately stiff again. returning to the game the wheel goes limp instantly. so it's really easy to tell when it happens. G hub settings for centering force have no effect. Assetto corsa is functioning normally. I have been able to restore it once, and it was working fine after a long power cycle, but it happened again, and I doing the same thing has not seemed to work. Not sure if this matters, but I also noticed that I have no xml file in the wheel settings folder for DR 2.0. I have deleted settings, reinstalled, powercycled everything 100 times to no avail, it's like something in the wheel is glitched, and resetting it is difficult/impossible, but this is only a theory. Any help would be appreciated.