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  1. Stoutcleric9176

    no higher than level 30

    This guy is stupid
  2. Yeah I thought it might be i just really hope they see this and solve it
  3. 1. So when I complete certain challenges where I have to complete a whole race e.g win a race as Daniel Kvyat and complete a race in the wet, the game doesn’t say that I have completed the challenge meaning I don’t get xp towards getting tier 30. 2. Xbox one 3. F1 2020 Seventy edition 4. Any game mode 5. I have tried many attempts of completing each challenge but it doesn’t work. I have tried 3 lap race 5 lap race and 25% race all with 100% AI difficulty 6. I have restarted the game many times and also my Xbox I don’t want to re install my game in case I lose any data 7. I use an Xbox controller and sometimes the Ferrari 458 spyder wheel 8. This issue has occurred that I’m aware of about 10 days but probably many more.