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  1. First and foremost, I approach most things in life with objective eyes. I can only begin to fathom the amount of time and financial investment that goes into the development of any video game, the frustration that goes along with accepting feedback from countless subjectively minded individual's opinions on where a development team's priorities should lie, and the ability to continually improve a product with such a high investment that only seems to be ridiculed on a daily basis. So with that said - THANKYOU to CODEMASTERS for your continuous improvement and hard work to improve your pro
  2. Thanks for the advice! Looking forward to it stopping. I'll try out some of those assignments
  3. Hey, I'm upgrading my wheel from a G29 to Fanatec's Clubsport Formula V2 rim (+CSL base/pedals LC) and I'm wondering how you've assigned your rim's buttons? Searching Google has been a pain since most posts are regarding the lack of reassignment ability on the PS4 & XBOX. I'm on PC and from what I've read, there's no real issues with custom mapping buttons. I've got a pretty good idea what buttons are going to operate the different functions, but I'm curious what everyone else has done. The obvious features that I'd like to have just a thumb's reach away: DRS > ERS+ > ERS- >
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