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  1. i really love the tv hud.. in tv

    you can't really implement it inside the game, for at least 4 reasons:

    1. its big. Its REALLY big, it cover a big part of your car becoming annoying in no time
    2. it doesn't include all the needed information, DMS, voice commands.. so you still need another "old style" hud to add even more on-screen noise
    3. it requires the camera to be moved on the left. Now the default camera il 100% centered over the head of the driver, i don't want to use that camera on the left, its confusing!
    4. the field-of-view of television is different from the one we use by default in game, television have a more wide-angle lens giving a bigger speed feeling. But this can make the game harder to play! You can already try it finding the correct field-of-view setting, something like that:


    so.. yeah maybe they could implement that for a new replay mode, or spectator mode, or something like that! But surely not as the main hud

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  2. I'm pretty excited about the new F1 2021 game, and the main reasons for me are:

    1. There is no more stupid Vietnam GP
    2. I want to play with updated livery, the pink racing point and yellow renault of f1 2020 feels already old
    3. No more Vietnam GP
    4. Updated drivers, makes me wanna impersonate Schumacher and fight for the middle positions
    5. Really, no more Vietnam GP! ❤️
    6. Compatibility with Logitech G923.. or, at least, i hope it will be implemented
    7. Imola!! I really love that track
    8. New changes on Australian GP, the track will be really faster!
    9. Yeah, i will never be forced to race in Vietnam
    10. Any new features that will be in the game and has not been announced

    What about your list?

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  3. 18 hours ago, GoldenMoose430 said:

    Well friends its March 2021 and from my seat behind my new G923 there is still no support for the wheel in specificity for F1 2020.

    Note this is my first FF wheel. Im coming from controller and the $100TM ferrari wheel. So obviously the wheel feels incredible to me.  Ive only had the wheel stop working once. Simply unplugged USB and plugged it back in. Fixed it. Still not reconized by game. However I did see a comment in here about using the fanatec universal hub as a set up point. I will try this today. The lack of use for these extra buttons really sucks. I wanted to use that rotary dial for my fuel settings.   Had i known this was the situation with this wheel I might had waited and purchased another brand at a higher price point, simply for more functionality.  Also the gas pedal spring is garbage. It feels as if nothing is there. I dont use the clutch so im going to switch that spring with the gas spring.  

    Overall im excited for my future with this wheel, as I continue to get faster and learn more about driving with a wheel in these games. 

    btw.. i'm using G923 with PS5 and PC


    On PS5 its recognized as a G29, and it works literally the same. Same button configuration, same force feedback, it has no differences at all

    On PC its not recognized at all by the game. It required me to set every button and manually tweaking on Logitech G-Hub to have a decent (but still imperfect) force feedback. I still prefer to play on PS5 right now

  4. i don't think it will be a "1-click" operation, but since they have all the raw data from the project cars 3's scan about imola they just have to convert that data to f1 engine. 

    a technical opinion about this from codemaster's devs can really be a nice thing, but i doubt they will ever reply 😞 not dev's fault, i guess they just cannot reply, too risky for their job eheh

  5. I usually play online only 3 or 5 laps game, its a nice way to play online without using too much time and without effort.

    This make me almost a casual gamer (even if a play AI at 90 with Elite settings in single player)

    Everytime i want to play online i have to try multiple rooms, searching for short games in lobby and joining them. Since 99% of the times when i join a game its already started i have to wait. So my new strategy is "join game at the last lap", i have lower waiting times but still takes me some minutes just to join a game.

    An online "Quick start" mode can be awesome, where the game auto assigns me on a room giving us a few filter: track lenght, damage, cars type (and other? not too many)

    So a player like me can set only 5 laps game filter and leave empty the other filters, click start.. and wait for matchmaking. What really happens is that the game actually scans all the games with my filter and join the one with more players and lowest ping. If no games are available the game should create a new one. So its only a "client-side" work, but it can offer a really better quality of life update for the online mode

  6. Here the actual calendar of 2021 tracks:


    • 28 March – Bahrain (Sakhir)
    • 18 April - Italy (Imola*)
    • 2 May - TBC
    • 9 May – Spain (Barcelona)
    • 23 May – Monaco (Monaco)
    • 6 June – Azerbaijan (Baku)
    • 13 June – Canada (Montreal)
    • 27 June – France (Le Castellet)
    • 4 July – Austria (Spielberg)
    • 18 July – United Kingdom (Silverstone)
    • 1 August – Hungary (Budapest)
    • 29 August – Belgium (Spa)
    • 5 September – Netherlands (Zandvoort)
    • 12 September – Italy (Monza)
    • 26 September – Russia (Sochi)
    • 3 October – Singapore (Singapore)
    • 10 October – Japan (Suzuka)
    • 24 October – USA (Austin)
    • 31 October – Mexico (Mexico City)
    • 7 November – Brazil (Sao Paulo)
    • 21 November - Australia (Melbourne*)
    • 5 December - Saudi Arabia (Jeddah**)
    • 12 December - Abu Dhabi (Yas Island)

    doing a little recap.. the tracks missing from F1 2020 are:

    • Imola
    • Saudi Arabia
    • TBC ?

    So we have 2 o 3 new tracks. BUT

    Imola is already present in Project Cars 3, another Codemaster game, we can hope to have it easily

    Saudi Arabia needs to be done from the scratch.. and we still have to know what will be the latest TBC track.

    Since for F1 2020 they added 2 tracks i hope they can do for F1 2021 too, we can hope in a full track F1 2021 game IMHO

  7. Imola is already present in another Codemaster game: Project Cars 3. 

    I really hope we can have it on F1 2021, along all the other tracks!

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