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  1. defcon120

    Controller vs Wheel

    I must have "defied physics" I dropped a 3 second faster lap with the wheel today, but had the force feedback and wheel damper turned way down.
  2. defcon120

    Controller vs Wheel

    I'd like your opinion on turn 8 through 12 on Azerbaijan, I can keep up with my controller ghost up to these turns with the wheel, then I'm 2-3 seconds behind and can't recover it. Seems that the controller is much faster than the wheel in those particular back to back s curves. It would defy physics to turn the wheel as fast as I can flick the controller. Something else I noticed is that to maintain tracton with the wheel setup I had to go + 20 with the throttle leniarity, the controller seems to have more traction control.
  3. defcon120

    G29 Logitech on full left lock

    I've got the same problem as OP, all connections are good, I checked the power brick with a meter, it's got 24vdc. I spent 10 hours across 3 pcs trying to get it to work, oldest supported software and drivers to the newest, with no diffrent outcome. One thing I noticed is that my avast keeps saying that there is a crucial jump drive hooked to my computer that does not exist. One question I have that I can't find an answer to is that if the computer isn't getting encoder feedback will it attempt a calibration? It tries, moves a few degrees, lights up the rpm leds and blinks the ps4 light. I wish I had a Playstation to hook it to, I have no way to rule out a hardware issue. Update 8/30/2020: It was a bad power brick from the factory, I don't have access to proper electrical test equipment at the time so I didn't have a way to put a current draw on the brick and could only verify voltage. Walmart had a universal laptop power supply that would power the wheel to aid my troubleshooting. https://www.walmart.com/ip/onn-65W-Universal-Laptop-Charger-with-10-Interchangable-Tips/882312537 G29 G920 not calibrating