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    Can someone direct me to best instructions on all settings to make the F1 2019 game (PS4) easier for a brand-new user? I'm new to gaming and to motor-sports in general. I'm fairly tech-savvy, but I am finding the default settings to be too unwieldy to be any fun. In essence, I'm almost immediately at the back of the pack and I'm constantly crashing. I'm looking for the kinds of dad settings they have in Fifa to auto-correct and simplify the game so it's still fun for a complete beginner. I have a PS4 and a Thrustmaster T150 and I just want to play against the machine, no particular interest in matching my non-existent skills against the outside world. Perhaps there is an existing thread that covers this? A youtube instruction video? At the moment I am finding the game's difficulty is a barrier to entry. I am not interested in devoting the hours needed to achieve mastery. I want to dumb down the game as much as possible and fly around the tracks without crashing. Is that possible, or does this game just not provide these kinds of guard-rails and cheats and helps to make it fun for a new guy like me? Humbly seeking help.