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  1. Hi , i play on pc and ps4. None of the racenet games allow me to go online. Its definitely an issue with racenet, as ive been struggling for a couple years... im getting into serious sim racing now and would like these to work.
  2. Wow, 3 months in and codemasters does not give a ****? have wasted my money on dirt rally 2.0 and dirt 4 but they also dont seem to work. this is clearly a racenet issue, no hel0p from you guys? Fix your **** please?
  3. Can someone assist? Im confident its my racenet profile, dont mind if its reset, its most likely an issue 9nnc9demasters end, please urgently assist. Its racenet related
  4. i still cant log into f1 2020 , the game cant access racenet, any advice?
  5. Hi guys, going on 3 months now with f1 2020, i also cant log into racenet: ive noticed that it doesnt matter if i put my account in incorrectly it just gives error: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198109636312/ Codemasters? Furthermore my racenet account via website works but i cant even see the f12020 game, i can see other games
  6. Basically i just want to go online in f1 2020? but cant sign in, even if i put the wrong password it just experiences an error communicating with the codemasters account
  7. HI im unable to log into racenet in f1 2020: have created an account an can access it on website: however i dont see f1 2020 on the website: when i try to login i get the below error: in f1 2020, additionally if i click on view terms and conditions i get the below error on signup: Can someone please advise? This looks account related?
  8. i can access my racenet account on the website, i cant log into racenet on f1 2020?
  9. I also cant access Racenet and henceforth cannot log in? Any advice? Quite an oversight for such a big game
  10. same issue for me, simply cant go online any advice?
  11. HI, im also a new user and experience the same problem My account is fine as i can log in via the Browser, etc, When i try to log in via the game it doest not work I keep getting error code 1008:H Username:FRagZilla786 Any advice?
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