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  1. I've noticed the source of my problems: Vehicle Details setting. For some reason going over 'Very Low' kills my fps. Playing with the bumper cam also fixes the problem (because you don't see anything from the car model).

    I've been trying EVERYTHING for months and today I noticed it by accident (by changing the camera view momentarily). 

    Anyone else having this issue? Or know how to solve it? 

    My specs are have an i7 9700, NVIDIA 2060 super (with lastest drivers), 16 GB RAM, and the game is installed in an SSD.


    Hello, first time posting here, but I can't keep ignoring this issue. 

    Issue: FPS halved after patch

    Method of Reproduction:

    With every car and every stage I get half the fps I used to get. Everything worked fine pre-patch (except the usual problem with Nvidia GPUs and crowds). I've put the graphical setting to minimum, deactivated every overlay option and still get the same fps issue. Non of my other games are experiencing any issues.

    Platform: PC

    PC Build: i7 9700k, Rtx 2060 super, ram 16gb

    VR Headset used: Non

    Wheel/Pedals used: Thrustmaster T300rs, T3pa and Th8a


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