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  1. AndyDaK1NG

    F1 2020, auto-save and load problem.

    Pls fix this -_-
  2. AndyDaK1NG


    it is not about any internet connection settings. when you create a new profile in the Windows 10 without any special characters, the game can save the profile. it's about correcting 5 lines of game code where such characters are ignored because any option that is written does not help
  3. AndyDaK1NG


  4. AndyDaK1NG


    8 minutes for uploading video on youtube
  5. AndyDaK1NG


    I will post video for you. Give me 2-3 min
  6. AndyDaK1NG


    I already did that. Its infinite loop. This game veryfing 2 files and cant do that. I mean steam telling me everything is fine but when i will do it again there is always 2 files for verify.
  7. AndyDaK1NG


    Only way to play this game on PC is to create new Windows Profile but i dont want to do that and play on another windwos profile because i have every app and other stuff on my pc which helping me a lot in tuning my pc etc...
  8. AndyDaK1NG


    1. Launching game on newest patch. I cant enebale autosave feature it keeps telling me to create new profile launch after launch. 2. PC 3. 1.08 4. No game mode 5. Doing this every single time when i relaunch my game. 6. Reinstalling Steam, Changing characters in my windwos profile, deleting all files F1 also clearing them with ccleaner, 7. PS4 controller only on pc 8. Screenshot included
  9. AndyDaK1NG

    F1 2020, auto-save and load problem.

    Still no fix for this issue ?
  10. Hello everybody, Can someone help me with autosave problem ? i cant enable this function and also cant save any file. I have f1 2020 on PC and have this weird bug. I uninstalled game and steam everything but still i have this issue.
  11. AndyDaK1NG

    Autosave problem

    Hello I have problem with enabling autosave. Any help with this ? Best Regards