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  1. DonZonda

    Rain inside the car

    Yeah let's see what they say about. Ok good that you confirmed the problem. I guess you took a car like the corvette before or the Ferrari 488. They actually really don't have the view because you couldn't see anything because it's closed there so they just give you a regular rear view.
  2. DonZonda

    Rain inside the car

    Ok great 👍🏼Yes I'm on the latest update, correct I turn back the right analog stick to get this view. And it's on every car on the game for me. Its no game breaker of course but still feels odd and annoying. Thanks it'd be nice if somebody from Codemasters could say something to this issue.
  3. DonZonda

    Rain inside the car

    Hi again, so I just did a direct capture of my ps4. It happens on every car on every track no matter if day or night. In this clips I used the Porsche 911 GT4 (997) on San Francisco Gran Prix Circuit. At night in the other the brands hatch GP track at day time with the nissan Skyline 2000 GTR As you can see the rain comes straight through the car and doesn't hit the wind screen on the back. And there is obviously you can see obviously the view is inside the car also when looking back and no outsideview on the cars rear. Hope things are more clear now.
  4. DonZonda

    Rain inside the car

    No idea why this happens but I just tried it again and the pictures are everytime upside down. I will do proper pics captured by the PS4 itself and can also take a video clip and upload it later to proof this. It rains inside the car through the window, through the roll cage etc. When you look forward it works correctly when you backwards in cockpit view you see the back of the cockpit and the rain comes right through the roof of the car. What you are mentioned is when you look back on bonnet/hood view.
  5. DonZonda

    Rain inside the car

    First of all, all pictures I uploaded started to spin and I couldn't put them into the right direction. Eventhough I took the photo straight from my phone. Second of all it happens on all cars on every track in cockpit view. No matter what daytime. When you look back into the rear of the car it rains through the car. Of course I'm not talking about the camera where you look over the trunk....
  6. DonZonda

    Rain inside the car

    Hello everyone, not quiet sure why this isn't addressed yet In a patch but it's quiet annoying. When you drive in cockpit view and look back into the rear of the car it rains through the car. I'm playing on PS4 Pro.