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  1. One of the big future improvement for this game is without doubt the chance to re-introduce the pit stops, that will make the game looks little bit more authentic, also why not consider to put a track editor.....
  2. Some considerations about PC3. This game is overall AWESOME! Seroiusly, this game has an amazing potential. First of all the accessibility, if you take a look at PC2 it was graphically very good, also it had a lot of contents, but the cars physics was really too difficult, i would say the difficult to drive cars was extremely hard, especially when using controller. Now this game looks like it has been inspired by games like Forza 7 and GT sport, well i think that PC3 is even better and has more potential compared to those games. If you compare PC3 with an AC competizio
  3. Also a future patch to improve general system performance would be good, this game looks not too much optimized, my laptop fans keeps running all the time!
  4. Hello, During some online quick and scheduled races in PC3, i've noticed something little bit strange, when competing with same classes cars, i've seen some cars (not many, just few actually) extremely FASTER Than OTHERS, for example a BMW M GT something overtaking UNREALISTICLY too quick me driving the CORVETTE C8R in a STRAIGHT. The problem in this, i suspect there are maybe in the game some cars which needs to be more BALANCED.....did you notice something like this too?
  5. And also think about the chance to give us as future DLC the SPA Francochamps and Red Bull ring please, i love both of those circuits!
  6. I'm pretty sure they gonna release patches that brings general improvements like for example AI balancing, graphics and whatever, like they did previously in pc2. All in all, even if PC3 is not a proper sim like an AC Competizione, it has an amazing fun factor, only i didn't understand the choice to cut pit stops from the game, considered they have implemented it on pc2, it shouldn't be to difficult to import it to pc3 through a patch...
  7. If we ask the developers to introduce pit stops in a future update maybe they will give us, at the end it would make the game more complete!
  8. Hello racers, I'm posting this to submit some improvement suggestions about Project Cars 3! Despite all the disappointment and bad reviews of the game, i'm still enjoying the game a lot mainly because i think that this game was designed to offer much more immediate fun to the players and that's why i find it really addictive. Said this i'would like to see this game hopefully improved in the near future, for example i would like a lot about the chance the developers may re-introduce the missing PIT STOPS, i believe that would make the game more COMPLETE, and also future DLC with
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