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  1. Patriot_55

    Commentary by practice and qualifying

    Showing my age a bit here but, in the OLD F1 games when you still had Our Murray commentating in the games, he actually did a sort of play by play during the race for example when someone crashed or had a technical issue he said the name of the driver and what happened, that was immersive and added to the game making it feel more like the old TV broadcasts. It has been done before and could be done again with Crofty and Martin doing something similar during the race and not just before and after.
  2. Patriot_55

    My Team Car Body Choices

    Perhaps have the look of the car change as you add newly designed Aero or Chassis parts. So the look of the car is dynamic and you can differentiate it from other cars on the grid at different stages of development. Would probably be hella hard to code though, would add to immersion though and the feeling of you really developing your car in either My team or Career mode.
  3. Patriot_55

    Race Engineer

    How about having an engineer with a different nationality and accent or way to select it?
  4. Patriot_55

    Weichai isn’t Ferraris sponsor anymore + Wings

    Mission Winnow is affiliated with Phillip Morris Tobacco but deals with e-cigs and the like. They have had it on and off the car a few times already but, As quick and the Merc black livery was added to the game in a patch it shouldnt be that hard to add the Mission Winnow to the Ferrari Livery, the car doesn't look right without it and on the driver race suits. Weichai was a real sponsor of Ferrari but have seemingly parted ways with Ferrari recently. We know Ferrari are a bit **** at the moment but please sort it out Codemasters and fix the suits and liveries.