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    WRC 9

    i know but there is no other place to ask that lol. i wish to see in the future a game dev by Codemaster&Kylotonn, It will be awsome!
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    WRC 9

    Hello, i got this setup: Simucube Ultimate, Ascher Racing Button box and wheel pedals, Heusinkveld Pedals, Heusinkveld Handbrake, Heusinkveld Sequential Shifter. when i try to assign key for pedals the game crash, any solutions? thank you! *EDIT* if i discconect all the USB connections and connect only the pedals\shifter\handbrake i can setting them up and it work, cant really drive cause handbrake on 100% all the time(ill check the revrert option soon) if the Ascher Racing Buttombox connected everything messed up again. ill check soon if there is any update for the drivers