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  1. A detailed description of this issue: During a league race (unranked) 1 driver was not able to see the other driver, which caused an incident. The driver (XEG Teunis) didn't know he hit the other driver (DaJenS) due to some weird issue. Platform: PC Version: 1.0.8 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues: Unranked The amount of players in the session: 20 Were you the host: The host was a spectator, both drivers were very close to the host (the Netherlands). No latency issues during the race, because they were talking to their teammate without issues. Did this happen for everyone in the session: No Can you make this happen again: We don't know what happened, but we faced this issue multiple times (were only 1 driver is not able to see the other driver in the correct position). How do you make the problem happen: Answer above Report code: No Video of the issue: Yes: https://streamable.com/xkng18 https://clips.twitch.tv/CourteousTentativeSkirretTriHard
  2. iHax0r

    Critical time bug after finishing

    Send him the thread so I hope he will react soon @BarryBL
  3. iHax0r

    Critical time bug after finishing

    I'm XEG iHax0r, I'm affected with the extended time and I can ask Raverduck if he has a forum account. It depends on who you need to speak. @BarryBL
  4. Hi, I experienced a bug which resulted in a lot of calculating and watching footage. When finishing the race my time got extended by 30 seconds, 25 seconds without my 5 second penalty. We calculated the total time of all my laps which resulted in the same time. I will add descriptions in this post under the footage. Platform: PC Version: 1.0.8 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues: Unranked (for a league, that's why we need to calculate a lot) Wired or Wireless connection?: Wired (1 Gbps down 100 Mbps up) Amount of players in the session: 20 Were you the host?: No (very low latency to the host) Did this issue happen for everyone in this session, just some people or yourself? What did they see?: 1 player but he gained a lot of time. He was a lapped car during the race but finished P1, but he started the race without us, rejoined and gone to his original position. When he left the red lights came on for us and we started racing. Also he had a fastest lap time of 11.251 due to this issue. Can you make the problem happen again?: Probably, my overtake button was stuck (due to enabling it during the formation lap which is another bug). My engineer told me to rejoin the game (because we get spare invites), this solved the issue of overtaking. I couldn't use my key to watch backwards, but that was not a big problem. And you need a player which starts early and holds up the rest of starting till he leaves as described above. How do make the problem happen: I don't know for sure, but as described above we were already facing multiple issues. Can you add a report code?: No Video of the issue: There was a stream active and I recorded my full session. Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/729246940 You can see 1 person starting from P20, this happens often which is a issue aswell when he left you saw the lights came on. At 1:08:30 you see my time going from +0.349 to +20 and as you can see in the screenshot below with a 5 sec penalty I need to be in front of DaJenS. As you can see I had 1 penalty of 5 seconds. In this issue you see Raverduck having a best lap time of 11.251 seconds, which is impossible and he is clean. Just because of the multiple issues during the session, in the stream you can see he was actually lapped and his time decreased over a minute. It's possible to send my full race video, but since there's sensitive information in the video I don't want to publish it on the forums. PQjYX16ByY.mp4 In this video you see I'm gaining time on DaJenS, I don't have a lot on my screen because it's distracting me of the race and my "jeff" tells me everything I need to know.
  5. Hi, This is a huge issue for league racing, because you can give the driver in front of you small bumps till he get disqualified without being able to do anything about it. The person behind me got bumped, that's the reason he bumped me, which resulted in a penalty for me. That's unfair and the game shouldn't give the person in front penalties except if he is trying to "brake check", but you can't really know if that's the case. Sometimes you need to brake hard and this will result in another unfair penalty, the drivers should maintain a gap to the driver in front. Please add options to turn off (harsh) penalties during the safety car. 9xouH6eU1v.mp4