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  1. dja7980

    Analogue Clutch Bite Point in PS4

    So Stephen, this would be a big one. Can you please shortly explain, what you‘ve set up to make it work? As I already said, clutch works for me only as on/off and not as 0-100... what show your settings? Thanks!
  2. dja7980

    Analogue Clutch Bite Point in PS4

    Same Question from my side. Seems like it does not. For my understandig, f1 2020 does not support analoge clutch at all, so bite point is not applicable.
  3. dja7980

    Top Speed comparison

    Hi there, as already integrated for lap times, I would like to see a top speed comparison list during carrier an my team training sessions. From my point of view, those statistics are essential for finding the right race setup. Adequate top speed is mandatory for beeing able to overtake opponents during the Race, so I would like to keep an extra eye on that statistic. Jeffs commentaries like "we are 5th at the top Speed..." are a good first indicator, but at least I would like to compare with my direct competitors and not only in general with the whole pack. Thanks!
  4. dja7980

    Top Speed comparison?

    Thank you Phil for your quick response! I have tried to find an answer searching for „top speed“, but there are so many entries... I have stopped searching on page 4 or so... Thanks for your workaround suggestion anyway! 👍🏼
  5. dja7980

    Top Speed comparison?

    Hi there, I would like to know if there is a possibility to get an overview of the driven top speeds within a carrier or my team practise session? Jeff sometimes tells me that I am 5th or 12th or whatever, but I cannot find a list of all driven top speeds of the other drivers like it is possible to get for lap times... Is there a possibility to get such an overview (on PS4)? Thanks in advance!