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  1. I know people in Switzerland, Germany and UK who it happened to. But again, since the friends leaderboard works, it's really unlikely (the ISP reason), since it's essentially an HTTPS request, and both go to the same server, so an ISP cannot even distinguish between them. That doesn't exclude that it's a regional thing server-side, though, it just excludes the clients as a source I think.
  2. The time trial leaderboards are implemented as a simple REST api over the HTTPS stack, that's really not something that should break from outdated drivers. Another pointer that it's not client related is that it works flawlessly for the entire friends leaderboard, which uses the exact same REST api, except a different endpoint of course. On a separate note, I'd really suggest you NOT to recommend updating BIOSs in a forum where you have no idea if people know what they are doing, much less BETA versions of it. In the end you accidentally have some kid brick their parents PC. Anyw
  3. DxDiag is attached, motherboard is an Asus Prime X570-P. If you need more data I can ask around in the league for others to get you the same info, but hopefully this is sufficient. DxDiag.txt
  4. Tonight I noticed when the wheel rotation gets reset, the force feedback strength in the Thrustmaster Control panel (NOT ingame) is reset as well (at least I assume it's triggered by the same thing). This explains why my force feedback felt wrong, so maybe it's really a single cause. @BarryBL if you can update your internal bug report, I think this might be helpful to pinpoint the underlying issue
  5. To make sure this doesn't get written off as "guy has connectivity issues1": I know this exact issue happens for at least 5 people, including myself. If you need more data, I'll ask around in the league, but everyone in there I've talked to so far has this exact behaviour.
  6. I did some more testing. One way to reproduce it reliably is alt-tabbing, then FFB is completely gone and the wheel as to be rebooted to work again. One would think that with all the issues F1 2020 has with alt-tabbing they'd test these things by now, but once more, there is either insufficient funding or noone gives a ****. There also seems to be an issue with starting a new session, but I cannot reproduce it reliably. Apart from this, the overall FFB seems to be weaker compared to the other rim, I went up from 55 with the "Open Wheel" rim to now 70 with the SF1000 to get the sa
  7. I did not test with other games, and even if you tried the results would not be very useful, since the SF1000 is supposed to be more closely integrated with F1 2020 than other games, thus likely using either a custom or at least different API. Based on the quality of their work in the past: Probably Codemasters at fault.
  8. Hello everyone, I get the exact same issue: TS-XW wheelbase with the SF1000 rim and latest firmware on both as well as thrustmaster drivers. FFB seems to get weaker after starting a new session, I have to test later if this is only after alt-tabbing however. And even if I increase the FFB ingame it feels "wrong" somehow, even though I use the exact same settings as with the other rim a couple hours before.
  9. Has there been any progress on this issue? It's pretty much a deal-breaker for any league applications.
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