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  1. Problem still exists after update 1.13 Ghub has been updated to version: 2021.12.4779. the only way to close the game is in game "force close" or with the task manager. come on guys, it's getting really irritating now. Regards.
  2. JpK46

    Windows 11

    I had a strange problem with Win11, When I was playing Bahrain, I had a lot of shocks and poor image composition, colors were not bright etc,etc. What solved the problem for me was to turn off the "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" If you have any problems with your graphics, try turning this off. you have to reboot after you turn it off. For me this did the trick. Now everything runs fine again, even better than before. Use it to your advantage Regards, You expect the opposite, but Win11 is a platform , and it should not interfere with how a GPU should
  3. JpK46

    Windows 11

    Did a clean install of Windows 11 tonight. Updated the entire PC with the latest Nvidia drivers, and all windows updates that were available for Win11. And I must honestly say it is indeed smooth and stable. Played with the game for about 3 hours, and did not have any crash or problem. Everything went pretty well. apart from the known problems, (strange behavior AI, not closing the game properly...etc,etc) . Hardware: RAM : 32GB CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz TYPE : 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor GPU : NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 (3080 is p
  4. JpK46

    Windows 11

    I have the switch to Windows 11 scheduled for tonight. I'll let you know what the experiences are. regards,
  5. @BarryBL Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro, 21H1, 19043.1237 Wheel: Logitech G29 Wheel Firmware version: Recent last. Other Software running : No 3rd party software. i use a separate clean PC for F1 2021, Windows 10 fully updated, Ghub for controlling G29, and the Telemetry Tool For F1 2021 version 11.1 GHub Version : 2021.9.7463 F1 2021 bought from steam. This problem is not the end of the world. but just irritating. Can live with it, still strange that the problem is not there when you play F1 2019 or F1 2020. Problem occurs to me only when the
  6. What other apps you are running. _____________________________________________ GHUB, Telemetry, Nvidia, Windows 10 21H1 _______________________________________________ Do you connect your wheel mid-session, or just before it loads. ___________________________________________________________ Wheel is connected during startup. Also did a little test. 01. starting F1 2021 without a steering wheel. No problem with shutdown. 02. starting F1 2021 with steering wheel. Shutdown problem. 03. Start F1 2021 without steering wheel and GHUB running. N
  7. https://logitech-g-hub.en.softonic.com/ Scroll down to find 3 older versions from GHUB. Regards, Jp
  8. @NastyAssassin I first completely removed GHUB, Then installed GHUB Version: 2021.6.4851. Started up F1 2021 and played for 1 hour. Then I closed F1 2021 normally and the game stopped as it should. The game did crash after closing with an EGO dumper, but it wasn't open in Steam anymore. Then I updated GHUB again to the latest version of GHUB 2021.8.792 and the problem with shutting down is back. Only the task manager can close F12021. Strange thing is when I start F1 2020 or F1 2019 both close correctly in steam and windows. (GHUB 2021.8.792) Hope the dev's from Codi
  9. . Yes, I can confirm, this issue occurs only when my wheel is connected. 2. When my steering wheel is not connected I can close the game normally. 3. Logitech G29 4. Latest GHUB is the problem, i have test it with the one before and the game is closing normaly The problem is the GHUB update from augustus. Regards.
  10. @steviejay69 dear stevieJay69 I did what you asked, but unfortunately no positive effect. Same problem, now after the last update from GHUB it does seem to be worse. The problem is in the lghub_agent. if you stop this process and start it again everything works perfectly. The 360 degrees is remembered nicely, and in game everything also works as it should.(Have now played +/- 700 hours the game F1 2020) And the problem is still there. For myself I made a small solution in Powershell. [Powershell code below] ----------------------------------------------------------
  11. What I've discovered for myself and that compares to what James Wallace says. When you start the PC and GHUB is started, GHUB has "forgotten" the rotation settings. After booting up the PC and recognizing the steering wheel you close the GHUB software again. Then open the software again, and you will see that the settings are applied again. You only have to do this at the first startup of the PC. After that I have no more problems with GHUB in game. (until I shut down the PC) I can enter any rotation I want. no problem. Perform the operations below with the CENTERING SPRIN
  12. And again..... This is getting now very frustie. Every week the same problem. I now stop playing weekly events.
  13. Same story here.......again. This is realy frustrating. Please fix this problem. Weekend event Belgium.
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