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  1. What I've discovered for myself and that compares to what James Wallace says. When you start the PC and GHUB is started, GHUB has "forgotten" the rotation settings. After booting up the PC and recognizing the steering wheel you close the GHUB software again. Then open the software again, and you will see that the settings are applied again. You only have to do this at the first startup of the PC. After that I have no more problems with GHUB in game. (until I shut down the PC) I can enter any rotation I want. no problem. Perform the operations below with the CENTERING SPRING checked in GHUB. 1. start the PC with the steering wheel connected to the USB. 2. Wait until the PC boots up and the wheel is recognized by GHUB. 3. Then close the GHUB software and leave the wheel connected. 4. Open the GHUB software again, you will see that the wheel will calibrate again. 5. Check your settings / rotation and you will see that everything works the way you set it. I have rebooted several times, then the problem is not present, But if you shut down the PC, then the problem comes up again. and you have to do the above steps again. Software and Logitech together is not a good marriage. They make fine steering and pedaling, but the software is just terrible.👿
  2. And again..... This is getting now very frustie. Every week the same problem. I now stop playing weekly events.
  3. RowDX228

    Weekly Event error KMR4

    Same story here.......again. This is realy frustrating. Please fix this problem. Weekend event Belgium.