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  1. @steviejay69 I have followed your instructions, but it hasn't made any difference. The G923 wheel seems to be detected by the game on launch, but when you attempt to configure a control scheme for it, the inputs are not properly detected. For example, the input for "steer left" and "steer right" is detected as the same and not as a wheel controller. We need a response from development about when the Logitech G923 wheel will be properly supported in F1 2020.
  2. @steviejay69 thank you, i'll try this later today and report back how it goes.
  3. I've just purchased the Logitech G923 wheel and pedals and they are not detected by the F1 2020 game. Does anyone know when the next release is scheduled for, as i've seen it mentioned a couple of times that the next update will implement support for the G923.
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