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  1. xxx can be deleted
  2. Ollex

    Iconic Teammates

    But why they build such options? it is a normal thing that everybody want to have teammates like Schumacher, Senna maybe Prost oder Coulthard. BUt okay i know now what i have to do. Thanks
  3. Ollex

    Iconic Teammates

    I bought the Deluxe Version, and created my own Team. But i only can choose Ticktum, Illot or Schwartzman or Zouh. Does anybody knows what the problem is and why i cant choose Senna oder Schumacher? When i go into my office and have a look into the driver market, i see them as free agents. Is it strange or am i stupid to do it?
  4. It is for the PC Version, i get this yesterday in the evening.
  5. This problem exists longer. i have similar problems with getting credited for the effort. but till now nobody has a solution.
  6. well, my settings are only medium and low, under dx11 nothing is set to ultra-high as my machine is to low for that. for that reason i upgraded my RAM to 20 GB everytime i try with dx12 and come into the game it sets the resolution to 1920 but this is to high and the game is slow, not playable. do i set it back to 1366, the game didn't accept those settings, and goes straight back to 1920. thats the second part of the bug. for reasons here the translation of the screenshot row 1 adapter row 2 resolution row 3 refresh rate row 4 screenmode (fullscreen in window
  7. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. games crashes every time i started it. without steam or with steam (on PC for sure) and goes directly into egodumper. but did i start the game in dx11 mode (in steam) it works well and no problems Platform PC What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) Version all , starts with 1.00 goes to 1.07 and 1.09 Game-mode? no mode, PC Version We need to be able to make your problem happen interna
  8. okay thanks for the definition. have you some hints what do to after updating graphic, changing display etc.
  9. I saw that and its a pleasure to have such community members. i know how much work it is as i was times ago a admin in a soccer community and the sound wasnt everyday good so i appreciate what you do.
  10. okay, the problem which occurs is the same as i have the same problem and for my understanding shows this not a single problem. as i told you have a look in your communityhub at steam. i mean it not in a bad way dear stevie but to say its the users fault or their systems its to easy in 2020. isn it?
  11. I have the same problems, as you know. so its not from my system alone 🙂
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