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  1. Thanks. I updated it and it works. Idk why it doesn't update automatically.
  2. Just don't use assists. I like to have full control of my car.
  3. In this latest update the cars have broken hitboxes on some tracks when u gat close to the wall it registers as if ur touching it and slows u down as well as with ai which makes racing a pain in the ass sinc u can't make most of the track limits. plsss fix soon.
  4. Ayr I'm back with an update. It does work and yes you do keep your boxes
  5. Ye I'm having the same issue. I also tried using data and it doesn't work. I hope they fix it as soon as possible
  6. When you play singleplayer on race start ai in front of you will often brakecheck you anywhere on track (usually in corners). It's really annoying and hope it gets fixed
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