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  1. Problem solved, downgraded the nvidia drivers to 1 year older. Game works without errors...
  2. I'm using a laptop which is out of dated but, i'm trying to play f1 2019 but game crashes at the startup with this error; ''d3d device has been removed.'' i tought it was my gpu is not have enough power to run it. then i opened the game with my integrated graphic card which is pretty bad. THE GAME IS WORKING PROPERLY! But with 10 fps of course... I don't know what causing this problem. I tried everyting but no solutions. The only thing i haven't tried yet is downgrading nvidia to older versions. Also i downloaded older games of f1 2013-2015-2016-2017-2020 (yeah i did that im a freak) only the 2013 not have this problem everysingle one can't run with my gpu. And i checked my gpu it's fine he can still run other games with higher graphics. HELP ME! I WANT THAT HALO PROTECTIONS ABOVE MY HEAD...