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  1. Clarkenstein

    Invitational event suddenly very hard?

    15 attempts? For more realism in my team or career mode u should limit attempts you probably should not pass every event. I limit to 3 attempts mostly so I can get at least a little feel for the car handling. If I fail after3 so be it, I also do not use flashbacks unless I am majorly disturbed from an outside of game force. Same for restarts only if there is a disturbance from outside force
  2. Clarkenstein


    Regarding assists, I have seen discussions about. I do not have a problem with players using this is supposed to be fun and a game after all. Just wish that at least in the ranked lobbies(leagues too? Have not played in one yet) that the assists drivers are using are listed. At least TC and antilock brakes. That way I could better gauge my progress since I do not use any and I would have a choice to be a driver in the session or not. Does not bother me so much in unranked. Btw I am over 60 and somewhat addicted to this game. Curious how many older folks are out there
  3. Clarkenstein

    What camera do you use?

    Cockpit view, halo disabled , I have tried with and without halo really has not had an effect on my performance prefer without seems to be a mild annoyance to me.don’t think you would notice as much irl due to binocular vision. No assists, no look to apex. Driver tags off, no mini map, try to make as realistic as possible though impossible to be perfect due to single screen, no g forces felt or heat, my fov is prob not technically correct it is just a bit more than what the calculators say so I can have a reasonable chance in wheel to wheel battles. Proximity arrows and virtual mirror on to compensate for not being able to look left or right, fov -30 horizontal adjust .30, everything else default.came up with this looking at pics vids of inside view from cars. 42” screen eyes about 33” from screen. Can see most of the tires but not outer edge forget about the side mirrors if you want to be at least somewhat close to what you would see without being able to look left or right
  4. Clarkenstein

    F1 20 my team regulation change

    2019 or 2020? I have not gotten that far in 2020. The R&D upgrades does help you for a few races. IRL there are reg changes so I guess the game is emulating that. If you follow F1 irl look what happened to the Ferrari’s last year vs this yr. In the 2019 game you can spend resource points to keep some of the upgrades. Don’t know yet about 2020
  5. Clarkenstein

    AI settings

    Trying to find best/quickest/easiest way to find and change AI setting. At moment I set starting ai by doing 1 shot qualifying in Spain using RB6, this was posted by someone else previous. I adjust until I get within 1/2 second of teammate 3 consecutive times. Playing my team mode, at the end of each practice/q/race session if I not within 1/2 second of team mate I increase or decrease ai by 1 pt. Potentially you can change Ai as much as 7 pts in a weekend but more likely 2-3 pts. I also factor in tyre compounds if team mate’s is different. Not perfect but I figure 1/2 second difference between each compound, 1 sec between hard and softs. Was using this method in f1 2019 and it seemed to give a good overall average ai level without having to spend extra time figuring and adjusting to every circuit. Also if one is having a bad run the ai decreases a little so it will give one a fighting chance again and reduce discouragement. It is supposed to fun!
  6. Clarkenstein


    New to sim racing hope to get and give tips here! Most fun you can have without leaving your house!