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  1. I run a league on Saturdays at 7&8pm BST (2 separate tiers) I can get you in for a trial and pace assessment
  2. 7pm BST for Tier 1 8pm BST for tier 2
  3. If you’re available on Saturdays at 7/8pm you can reserve in my league pending trial ?
  4. Looking for A few drivers to fill out our tiers 1&2, tier 1 is 7pm BST & tier 2 is 8pm BST
  5. I have a league on Saturdays at 8pm BST looking for tier 1 & 2 drivers what is your psn and I can trial you ?
  6. We are currently recruiting for drivers for our upcoming second season, we are trying to expand into a 2nd tier and we need a few drivers for each tier to help complete each tier, we race on Saturdays at 8pm BST, full qualifying, 50% race Medium or no TC ABS allowed All engine, battery & pit assists off All other assists will be driver preference as we vary in different pace through the league.
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